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Keanu Taylor’s appearance in EastEnders sparks fan confusion as Denise hallucinates him

Denise has been hallucinating the victim

EastEnders has sparked some confusion this week as they have aired scenes featuring dead Keanu Taylor. Who was buried under cement in the cafe by The Six. Or at, least he was supposed to be.

Coupled with this, some media outlets have reported that Keanu has returned from the dead. So what’s really going on? Is Keanu dead in EastEnders?

Keanu was killed at Christmas (Credit: BBC)

Is Keanu really dead in EastEnders?

After Keanu appeared to Denise in several scenes and some tabloids reported he was ‘back from the dead’, some viewers commented on Facebook: “Oh my God, I knew he wasn’t really dead!”

Another added: “He’s still alive! I knew it.” And someone else wrote: “I said all along he was still alive.”

However, others correctly pointed out it was all just a hallucination. Keanu Taylor is definitely dead. For now!

Keanu staggers about after being stabbed in EastEnders
Keanu was killed on Christmas Day (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Keanu in EastEnders?

Keanu was stabbed by Linda Carter while he was trying to strangle Sharon Watts. It was self defence, but the six women involved – Linda, Sharon, Denise, Suki, Stacey and Kathy – decided to cover it up and bury the body. They also framed Keanu for the attack on Nish Panesar, who Denise had hit over the head with a bottle as he tried to hurt Suki.

The women hid his body in the cafe, which had recently burned down. But when repair work was due to begin in there, they went to bury him for good.

Linda, Denise, Kathy, Suki and Stacey set about burying him under cement to make sure his body was never found. However, Stacey and Denise had a fight during the burial and Denise ended up falling into the grave on top of the body.

Keanu Taylor in EastEnders, who is dead, stands over Denise in a grave
Keanu is haunting Denise (Credit: BBC)

Denise spirals

Denise’s iconic ‘D’ necklace fell off in the scuffle and remains under the ground with Keanu’s body. It means if he is ever discovered, she is well and truly in the frame for his murder.

The rest of the women refused to help her retrieve it. It has left Denise losing her grip on reality as she struggles to cope with everything that has happened.

Her marriage to Jack is deteriorating as she struggles to hold it together. She is crying out in her sleep, suffering nightmares and most recently hallucinating Keanu.

One terrifying dream saw him bury her alive in his own grave under the cafe floor. Then last night (Thursday February 1) she saw his hand grab at her mirror and then his murderous reflection look back at her.

Dee screamed at the hallucination not to hurt her son, Raymond, but then he was gone.

Desperate to get on top of the situation, Denise even visited her killer ex, Lucas Johnson in prison. She wanted to find out how he lived with his crimes after he murdered several people.

Denise is a shadow of her former self (Credit: BBC)

Denise visits Lucas in EastEnders

Lucas then told her the only way she could cope was to confess. He urged her to be honest with him, promising nothing would shock him and her secrets would be safe. However, Denise couldn’t bring herself to tell him anything and headed off instead to speak to psychic Madame Tellerina in The Vic.

As Stacey, Suki and Kathy watched with their hearts in their mouths, Madame Tellerina told Denise ‘he’ was buried underground and saying he didn’t deserve this. But she then started barking like a dog telling Denise it was an old pet.

Her secret safe again, Denise left. But how much longer can she keep it in? How many more times will Keanu haunt her before she cracks?

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