Leanne looks annoyed and Ken looks worried in Coronation Street

Coronation Street adjusts schedule for World Cup 2022 on ITV

Corrie doesn't usually air on Sunday nights

The Coronation Street schedule has faced a mass shake-up as a result of the World Cup 2022.

With the World Cup airing on ITV from November 20 to December 18, the show is not airing at its usual time and days.

But is Coronation Street on tonight (Sunday, November 27)?

And how and where can you watch Coronation Street tonight?

Is Coronation Street on tonight?

Coronation Street will be airing on ITV tonight.

ITV will air an hour long episode from 7pm to 8pm.

However if you want to watch it early, the episode has already been uploaded to ITV/ITVX.

Nick, Leanne and Sarah look concerned in Corrie
Coronation Street will air tonight (Credit: ITV)

What’s happening on Coronation Street tonight?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, Harvey offers to help Nick and Leanne with the bistro sale.

Will Nick and Leanne take Harvey up on his offer?

As the week begins, Leanne tells Nick that its time that they admit to Debbie they can’t afford the bistro.

Later, Nick and Leanne accompany Sam to the prison.

Harvey gives a piece of paper and tells him that he has some cash.

He tells him that Nick can spend it on the bistro if he likes.

Later, Debbie approaches Nick and Leanne.

She tells them that she’s decided to accept their original offer for the bistro.

Debbie points angrily as Sean looks on in Corrie
Will Nick take Harvey’s money to buy Debbie out? (Credit: ITV)

As Nick and Leanne celebrate the deal, Lynne’s builder reveals that the reason she pulled out.

She claims that the place is riddled with dry rot.

Leanne confronts Debbie in the Rovers and makes a lunge for her.

Later, Harvey calls Nick from prison and tells him the offer still stands.

Will Nick take Harvey up on his offer?

Ken tells Wendy about Martha

Meanwhile, Ken tells Wendy how he once had an affair with Martha.

He tells her that he needs to build bridges for the sake of the play.

But Ken soon realises he’s torn between two women.

Eric talks to Summer and Aaron in the street on Corrie
Eric tells Summer and Aaron that he’s determined to stay off the booze (Credit: ITV)

Summer’s lying is out of control

Elsewhere, Summer walks into the flat on her lunch break to find Aaron there with his Dad.

Eric admits he’s an alcoholic, but says that he is determined to stay off the booze.

Eric questions how they raised the money to pay for his rehab but Aaron and Summer lie, and say that they borrowed it from Billy.

Summer tells Aaron that Billy mustn’t find out about the baby.

She tells him that the only solution is to move away until after she’s given birth.

Can the couple keep their lies straight?

Michael and Sarah talk warmly on Corrie
Michael and Sarah sense a business opportunity (Credit: ITV)

Sarah and Michael go into business together

Meanwhile, Michael shows Sarah his designs for a loungewear range.

Impressed, Sarah suggests that they go into business together.

She says that his designs and her marketing experience will make a recipe for success.

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Nick And Leanne Fight For The Bistro | Coronation Street

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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