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Emmerdale’s Mandy and Paddy reignite old flames amid past turmoil

Mandy and Paddy were married many years ago

Mandy and Paddy in Emmerdale are about to rekindle their old passion.

It’s not the first time the characters have been drawn together – they were married back in the 90s.

But why did they split up?

And is a reunion really the best idea now?

Mandy and Paddy married in 1999 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Emmerdale: When were Mandy and Paddy married?

Mandy arrived in Emmerdale in 1995 to live with her uncle Zak after being disowned by her dad, Caleb.

In February 1997 Paddy arrived in the village and Mandy fell in love with him.

But when Mandy’s cousin Butch overheard Paddy ridiculing their family he told Mandy and she ordered him out of their house.

Paddy was offered a job in Ireland and left for a short period of time before returning.

Mandy and Paddy reconciled after he apologised to the family.

Paddy’s mother Barbara disapproved of Mandy and was convinced she’d just make Paddy miserable if they got married.

She paid Mandy to marry her cousin Butch, who was in love with her, and they did marry in November 1998.

However Mandy was unable to ignore the fact she loved Paddy and the two began an affair. When Butch found out about their affair, he was furious and the Dingles disowned her for her infidelity.

Eventually Lisa and Zak forgave Mandy and Paddy after Paddy delivered their daughter, Belle.

Following her divorce from Butch in 1999, Mandy and Paddy got married.

Neil and Mandy are in a clinch and Paddy looks furious in Emmerdale
Paddy was heartbroken by Mandy’s affair (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Why did Mandy and Paddy split up?

Mandy started going to Southampton to care for her sick dad.

Paddy went to Southampton to surprise her only to discover she was having an affair with Caleb’s carer, Neil.

Mandy followed him back to Emmerdale and in a special two-hander episode opened up about her affair.

She told Paddy all her past relationships had made her feel worthless and she insisted she only slept with Neil once.

When she challenged Paddy to say he wouldn’t have done the same if he was away caring for his mother and feeling under pressure, Paddy snapped and grabbed her, screaming he hated her and would never betray her.

Mandy decided to leave, but he changed his mind and begged her to stay before they headed to the bedroom.

However, after their tryst, Paddy couldn’t pretend everything was normal. He realised she came back to him out of guilt and that she loved Neil.

He told Mandy to leave and devastated, she did.

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She briefly returned in 2001 to try and win Paddy back but she realised he was now happy and in a relationship with Emily Dingle, Butch’s widow.

Mandy left again and didn’t return until 2019, when she arrived with son Vinny.

At the time of her return in 2019 it was speculated Vinny was Paddy’s son, but as time went on we learnt Vinny was the son of a man named Paul Ashdale.

Mandy isn’t Vinny’s biological mother, but she has raised him as her own since he was nine months old.

Paddy looks sad as he sits with Mandy, talking on Emmerdale
Are Mandy and Paddy set for a reunion? (Credit: ITV)

Will Mandy and Paddy get back together?

When Mandy returned in 2019, she insisted she wasn’t there to split up Paddy and his then-partner Chas.

However, since Chas’ affair with Al was revealed, Paddy has spiralled into a depression and Mandy has stood by to support him.

She has been his shoulder to cry on and that will become more when they sleep together.

After sharing a bottle of wine and reminiscing on old times, Mandy and Paddy lock eyes and soon fall into bed together.

But is it a good idea?

With Paddy feeling increasingly distant and depressed, is a liaison with Mandy going to help or hinder?

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