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Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola uses their past to force Charles into helping Angelica

The scared mum is doing all she can to protect Angel after Heath's death

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week show things are looking bleak for Angelica as the Kings prepare for the Youth Justice Worker to visit. With Angel facing time behind bars, the family are beside themselves with fear.

As Nicola and Jimmy try to gather all their strength to be there for their daughter, they need all the support they can get.

But when vicar Charles refuses to help, Nicola resorts to blackmail to get her way. Will he be persuaded to help? And will it even be enough?

Angelica and her parents are keen to impress (Credit: ITV)

The bad blood between the Kings and Hopes continues in Emmerdale spoilers

With Angelica preparing to return to school for the first time since the accident, everyone’s nerves are on edge. After her court hearing revealed she would be facing a custodial sentence, trying to act normal is a tough ask.

Jimmy wants to put things right with Bob and apologises once again. But Bob vows they will never be friends and he can’t forgive him.

Wendy however isn’t on board with the feud. As she listens to Bob ranting and raving about the behaviour of Nicola and Jimmy, Wendy begs him to change his mind. She urges him to end the bad blood for Cathy’s sake.

Charles looks shocked on Emmerdale
Charles isn’t willing to help (Credit: ITV)

Charles refuses to help

Meanwhile, as the Kings prepare for the home visit from the Youth Justice Worker, Rachel, things are tense. Nicola wants to get a glowing character reference for Angel to help their case, so decides the local vicar is the perfect choice.

She visits Charles, but is left shocked and angry when he refuses to help.

Desperate, Nicola delivers a low blow when she uses her past with his daughter Naomi to try to blackmail Charles into helping. Viewers, of course, know Naomi was involved in Nicola’s brutal attack back in 2022.

But will dredging up their dark history work? Will Charles help them? Or has Nicola gone a step too far – again.

As the day of the visit looms, Nicola is full of dread. As they set about trying to impress Rachel, will it work?

The family are left feeling apprehensive about what lies ahead. They know there’s no way Angelica will escape a custodial sentence, but just how long will she be going away for?

Angel is facing a custodial sentence (Credit: ITV)

Cathy and Angel make up

Elsewhere, although Bob is not in a forgiving mood, Cathy doesn’t feel quite the same.

It’s the day of the twins’ birthday and Bob and Brenda are distraught. They try to hide their grief from Cathy, but do a less than convincing job.

Cathy seeks comfort elsewhere when Angelica offers her an olive branch. The pair reconnect and grieve together for lost Heath in silence.

But what does the future hold for each teen? Can they ever get over this?

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