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Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for October 9-13

Who will Mack choose?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal a huge car crash as Super Soap Week finally arrives.

But as Mackenzie is forced to choose between Charity and Chloe – who will survive the clifftop plunge?

Meanwhile, Lydia finally faces her family and confesses what happened with Craig. How will they react?

Also, Chas is in grave danger from Harry. Can Caleb and Cain save her?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Chloe catches Mack and Charity

Mack and Charity make peace and admit their relationship is over, but they share a tender hug to say goodbye. However, they have no idea Chloe knows about their night together.

Chloe, who had decided to forgive and forget without saying anything, sees them embrace and demands answers. Mack makes excuses, but it’s clear Chloe isn’t appeased.

2. Chloe’s plan takes shape

Chloe and Mackenzie are heading for a break in Scotland and leave Reuben with Amy and Matty. As they drive away, they spot Charity broken down at the side of the road and offer her a lift.

Things are tense in the car with Chloe making comments. She then intentionally misses their turn, heading towards the moors to abandon Charity and Mack there.

But Charity’s had enough of Chloe pushing her buttons and demands she pull over. Mackenzie fears fireworks and disaster soon strikes.

3. Car crash horror

When a car smashes into Chloe, Mackenzie and Charity, Mack is the first to regain consciousness. He panics as he realises the car is suspended over the edge of a cliff.

Mack, battered and bruised, on the phone on Emmerdale

Terrified Mackenzie quickly gets out of the car, but he sees it shift again and creek. He rushes to call for help.

Chloe looking scared in car crash on Emmerdale

Charity regains consciousness and is frozen in fear as Mack tries to guide her out. Chloe then wakes up and is panicking as Mack also tries to rescue her.

4. Who will Mack save?

Chloe and Charity reach out to Mack as the car topples over a cliff on Emmerdale

With both women forced to put their faith in Mack, Chloe is getting out when she knocks the wheel and the car starts to slip before Mack can get either of them to safety. As desperate Chloe and Charity reach out to him, who will Mack save first?

As the car falls over the cliff – who has Mack managed to rescue? And whose fate in uncertain?

5. Chas in danger

Chas agrees to go for a drive with Harry, still only knowing him as Simon. As Harry drives her away, she’s oblivious to the danger she’s in.

Caleb and Cain are horrified to realise where their sister has gone – and when they find they’re too late to save her, fear sets in.

It’s not long before Chas realises she’s in serious trouble… Harry’s Mr Nice Guy act disappears and he’s soon raging. But will Cain and Caleb get to her before anything serious happens?

6. Lydia missing

Sam on the phone as he sits with Kim Tate on Emmerdale

Sam wants answers from Kim over why Lydia is at her mother’s. But they’re both panicked when they call her mum and find out Lydia isn’t there. So where is she?

7. Lydia finally confesses

Lydia talking to the Dingles at home on Emmerdale

With Mandy convinced Lydia is having an affair, Sam is trying to make sense of it all when Lydia arrives home. Fragile Lydia knows it is time to be honest and she is ready to tell her family the truth.

They are left shellshocked as Lydia reveals Craig raped her. But how will they support her through this?

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