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Emmerdale fans predict ulterior motive for Gail’s return to see Ryan: ‘Don’t trust her!’

"Ryan, don't trust her!" warned one viewer

Fans of Emmerdale have issued a warning to Ryan Stocks as his ex-lover and friend Gail returned to the village last night. Ryan was suspicious at seeing Gail again after so long – and for some reason. Many viewers felt that she might be hiding something.

Does Gail have an ulterior motive for returning to the village? And if so, is he in danger?

Ryan talks to Gail on Emmerdale
Old flame Gail returned to see Ryan in last night’s episode (Credit: ITV)

Gail returns to the village

Last night’s episode (Thursday, May 25) saw Gail pay a visit to old flame Ryan. As she joined him for a drink, Ryan was clearly suspicious of her motives.

I don’t trust Gail, there’s definitely a reason why she’s back other then seeing Ryan. 

As they talked, tensions were high, and Ryan appeared to blame Gail for ‘ghosting’ him in the past. But Gail was keen to make it up to him, and Ryan’s mood softened as they chatted – thanks to some encouragement from Charity, who watched the scene unfold.

Gail hasn’t been seen or heard from since 2019. Last seen on the soap four years ago, she supported Ryan during his relationship to Dawn – before leaving abruptly.

Ryan talking to Gail on Emmerdale
Ryan isn’t the only one suspicious of Gail’s intentions (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict ulterior motive for Gail’s return

Writing on Twitter as the episode aired, viewers shared their thoughts on Gail’s sudden return. Many felt that Ryan was right to be suspicious.

“I think Ryan’s friend is after his money or something,” said one fan.

“Ryan, don’t trust her. She’s the look of a children’s TV presenter!” joked another.

“Just seeing this now. This Gail seems a bit…” another viewer teased, sharing an appropriate GIF for the sentiment.

Another wrote: “I don’t trust Gail, there’s definitely a reason why she’s back other then seeing Ryan.” 

What is Gail up to?

Ryan and Gail arm-in-arm on Emmerdale
Ryan and Gail waste little time in getting re-acquainted (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Ryan left red-faced after being caught out by Charity

The storyline continues tonight (Friday, 26th May) as Ryan and Gail face the aftermath of spending the night together. When Charity sees them together after they’ve hooked up, Ryan and Gail are left red-faced.

Is this the start of something good for Ryan – or does Gail have something more sinister in mind?

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Charity Can't Believe Her Son Ryan Is Still Alive - Emmerdale

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