Emmerdale SPOILERS: Malone murdered as he attacks Dawn?

Emmerdale receives Ofcom complaints over DI Malone and Dawn showdown

Some viewers weren't happy with the scenes

Emmerdale has attracted Ofcom complaints over DI Malone and Dawn Taylor’s dramatic showdown.

In Monday’s episode (August 17) the dodgy detective broke into Dawn and Harriet’s home after finding out Dawn had reported him to the police.

He instructed the former addict to take her own life, producing a bag of heroin and syringe from his pocket.

Malone tried to force Dawn to overdose on heroin (Credit: ITV)

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When she refused, Malone withdrew a gun and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t take her life. However Dawn was saved when Harriet came in and hit Malone over the head.

But the scenes didn’t go down well with some viewers. Ofcom confirmed to Metro.co.uk that 83 complaints were received regarding Monday’s episode of the soap.

Emmerdale: Malone’s death

The story continued in last night’s episode (Wednesday, August 19). As Malone laid there unconscious, Harriet and Dawn tried to figure out what to do.

But in a plot twist, Malone jumped up and tried to attack the two women. In an attempt to defend herself and her ‘stepmum’, Dawn grabbed Malone’s gun and shot him, killing him.

The scenes in Monday’s episode received 83 Ofcom complaints (Credit: ITV)

Although Dawn wanted to go to the police, Harriet said they wouldn’t believe her given Malone’s police status and Dawn’s past.

The vicar began to clean up and eventually dragged the body out to the boot of her car. But before they could drive off to bury the body, Harriet’s fiancé and Dawn’s dad Will returned home.

Will they be able to dispose of the body before Malone is reported missing?

What’s next for Dawn and Harriet?

Speaking about Dawn and Harriet keeping the secret, Dawn actress Olivia Bromley said: “Harriet and Dawn’s bond is strong – they need each other more than ever to get through this. But both of them react very differently to the horror of it.

Dawn and Harriet could be torn apart by the secret (Credit: ITV)

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“I think the fear and the guilt could begin to tear them apart.”

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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