Emmerdale’s spree of ruining happy couples: Divorce lawyers needed

Does Emmerdale have a happy couple left?

Emmerdale has made one thing clear this year – they hate happy couples.

The ITV village doesn’t need a wedding planning business, it needs several divorce lawyers moving in.

Emmerdale Chas and Al in the car, she smiles at him
Al and Chas are having an affair (Credit: ITV)

In the last few months we’ve seen a series of previously happy couples be destroyed beyond all recognition.

It’s as if Emmerdale bosses have decided to hate love and happiness.

First we’ve got the trauma of watching Chas destroy her marriage to Paddy.

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Because of course Chas would have an affair with Al – the man who systematically tore her life apart, stole her business and temporarily destroyed her family.

And it’s not just Queen of Bad Decisions either – Leyla Cavanagh‘s at it too.

But a happy and devoted relationship with her doctor of dreams? That’s not enough.

Emmerdale - Chas and Al Take Their Relationship to The Next Level

Emmerdale needs to stop destroying its happy couples

She wants half the cocaine in the world up her nose in what can only be described as the most baffling soap storyline in Emmerdale history.

And this is the soap that introduced Laurel Thomas as a bee.

Not that things got much better for her now she’s single after breaking up with Jai over drugs that weren’t even his.

And more than that – the new couple on the block have gone from discussing weddings to rowing.

Admittedly, David and Victoria were not the most stable of couples to begin with.

He was with a serial killer and her husband ran off abroad after taking a fake murder conviction for his killer mother.

Serial killer Meena then tried to kill Victoria and it became very messy as they fled to Portugal to hide.

But now they’re back and after about a week of normal coupley-ness, they’re now miserable.

He’s heavy in debt and has had a personality transplant.

Jacob Gallagher and Liam Cavanagh watch Leyla worriedly
Leyla and Liam used to be so happy – but not anymore thanks to Emmerdale bosses (Credit: ITV)

Save Emmerdale’s couples!

However, even love’s young dream Ethan and Marcus can’t have minutes of happiness.

They’re being ceaselessly harassed by lonely dad Charles.

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It’s no wonder Ethan snapped in Friday night’s episode – by next week he’ll be a murderer and with good reason.

Emmerdale bosses need to get a grip and realise that sometimes couples need to be allowed to be happy.

Not everyone wants to watch the endless drudgery of Cain and Moira’s cycle of affairs after all.

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