Emmerdale Moira Dingle and a birthday cake

Emmerdale: Moira’s birthday scenes leave fans very confused

She celebrated her big day in the Woolpack

Emmerdale aired Moira Dingle’s birthday celebrations last night, but the muted affair left some fans baffled.

As she supped beer in the Emmerdale pub with Cain and Faith, one fan questioned: “what the hell even was that?”

Emmerdale Moira looks surprised on her birthday
Moira’s birthday was a bit odd (Credit: ITV)

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Moira celebrates her birthday in Emmerdale

Cain took his wife to the Woolpack to celebrate her big day, along with his mother.

He even offered her pudding!

But she looked uncomfortable and said: “Please tell me you haven’t got me cake,” as Chas, right on cue, came out with a giant pink cake singing Happy Birthday.

Cain tried to signal to Chas to stop, but she just looked as confused as the rest of us were!

Faith then leaned in to Moira and said: “Now’s the time to tell him.”

“Tell me what?” quizzed Cain, expecting something serious – and those watching at home thought the same.

Moira said: “Don’t panic,” before explaining Nate had found out Tracy was seeing someone else.

Cain’s awkward response was: “Good.”

And then Chas cut in and said: “Anyway we were thinking about taking a spread round?”

It turned out she was referring to Marlon, who had just been released from hospital, rather than Nate.

The scene seemed to jump around, build up to nothing, and the whole thing was just really odd.

Emmerdale Chas looks confused with Moira's pink birthday cake
Chas looks as confused as we are! (Credit: ITV)

Fans confused by Emmerdale scene

Emmerdale fans were left seriously confused by the whole thing

“Can someone please explain ‘Moira’s birthday’ to me…like what the hell even was that?” wrote one on Twitter.

Someone replied: “I have no idea, either.”

And another added: “I don’t even know. Natalie [J Robb] deserves better.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t understand any of the scene,” agreed a third.

Someone else wrote: “So we got to see Moria say one line on her birthday? Brilliant.”

“I was going to ask that and what was the cake about and why can’t even one scene on her birthday not have a Nate reference? And how come Matty didn’t known it’s his mum’s birthday. Please make it make sense!” said another.

A further user commented: “I don’t even know. Also where was her brother?”

Liam and Moira shared a scene together recently (Credit: ITV)

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Moira and Liam

Meanwhile, Emmerdale fans went wild a few weeks ago when Moira and Liam shared a scene together.

Natalie J Robb and Jonny MacPherson, who play Moira and Liam respectively, were dating in real life.

Although they have broken up, fans loved to see them together and predicted an affair storyline to come.

“Aww, that was cute!” wrote one.

Another added: “Moira sharing scenes with Liam makes me think they might be gearing up for her to have yet another affair.”

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