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Emmerdale: Lydia should be grateful for Kim, fans complain

Kim confessed (part of) the truth to Lydia

Over in Emmerdale last night (Thursday, December 7), Kim went home with Lydia after work and ended up making a confession.

She told her that she’d been at the scene when Craig had died, although she held some information back from her.

Now, Emmerdale fans are siding with Kim instead of Lydia after watching these scenes.

Lydia and Kim talk on Emmerdale
Lydia couldn’t believe that Kim had betrayed her (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kim made a confession to Lydia

At work yesterday, Lydia sat in the stables on her lunch break and was spotted by Dawn and Will.

Later on, Kim told Lydia that she’d cleaned all of the bathrooms for her so that she could go home.

Going back to the Dingle house with Lydia, Kim then sat down with a drink as she listened to Lydia express her concerns.

Lydia had feared that Sam had been there when Craig had died and just wasn’t telling her the whole truth.

Kim then felt forced to confess that she knew that Sam wasn’t there as she’d actually been there to watch Craig die herself.

However, she didn’t tell Lydia that she’d actually failed to call an ambulance on purpose after being encouraged to by Cain.

Lydia was furious and slammed Kim for betraying her, making her think that Sam was to blame for Craig’s death for so long.

Emmerdale's Lydia is concerned
Fans think that Lydia was unfair (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans side with Kim after harsh Lydia treatment

Emmerdale viewers believe that Lydia was unfair for lashing out at Kim, when Kim was only looking out for her and was trying to protect her friend.

One fan exclaimed: “Back in the day no-one would dare speak to Kim like that!”

Another added: “Was Emmerdale’s purpose for everyone to hate the once loved Lydia? If I was the actress I would question their motives because surely you can’t agree to what is happening on screen?”

A third viewer wrote: “Why is Lydia so bothered about how and why her rapist died? Just be pleased he’s dead!!”

Another fan asked: “Am I surprised with Lydia acting like a [bleep] to Kim? No. Am I annoyed by it? YES.”

A fifth person stated: “Lydia turning on her only friend is not cool.”

Finally, another fan finished: “Lydia is very strange. Craig would never have stopped bothering her. She should thank Kim.”

Emmerdale's Kim is talking to Lydia
Will Lydia find out EVERYTHING that happened? (Credit: ITV)

Will Kim tell Lydia the full truth?

Currently, Lydia has no idea that Craig didn’t die straight away after being knocked down by Ice.

But, will she eventually find out that Kim and Cain made sure that Craig met his maker? Will Kim tell Lydia what actually happened?

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Kim Tells Lydia How Craig Died | Emmerdale

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