Emmerdale Meena Jutla Emma Barton

Emmerdale’s Meena mirrors Emma Barton’s dark nurse legacy

Is Meena just Emma Barton all over again?

Meena Jutla in Emmerdale has turned out to be quite disturbed, but it’s not the first time a nurse has terrorised the Dales.

From 2015 to 2017 unhinged Emma Barton was responsible for both kidnap, imprisonment and two murders before she ended up dead herself.

In more recent episodes, on Wednesday, October 6 2021, Meena messes with David’s medication, swapping his extra-strength painkillers for paracetamol. As she moves to control her other half, the similarities with Emma are glaringly obvious.

Who was Emma Barton in Emmerdale?

Emma Barton turned out to be a killer (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Emma Barton was the estranged mother of the Barton boys – Pete, Ross and Finn. She had left them in the care of their father, James, after trying to kill Ross as a baby, but returned to make amends.

As she tried to reconnect with her sons, it was clear even after all these years that she still had issues. When James had a life-threatening accident, Emma hesitated before calling an ambulance.

She managed to ruin James’s relationshipn with Chas Dingle and convince him to give their own marriage another chance.

But Emma’s jealousy over James’s past with Moira Dingle led her to lock James (who had a broken leg) in their house, keeping him tied up to stop him escaping. The Misery-style plot saw James eventually get away only to be pushed by Emma over the Hotten bypass.

James died and Emma covered her tracks. But she ended up confessing everything to Moira, before accidentally shooting her son Finn, who later died.

Emma went to the Hotten viaduct to take her own life, but in a twist was pushed by Moira.

Emmerdale: How is Meena’s plot similar to Emma’s?

Meena messed with David’s medication (Credit: ITV)

Emma was a nurse, just like Meena is, giving them both a level of respect within the community.

Meena is determined to keep David as hers, in exactly the same way Emma did with James. Meena’s schemes to keep David and Victoria Sugden apart bear a striking resemblence to how Emma manipulated both Chas and Moira to keep them away from James.

And now Meena has messed with David’s medication to keep him weak and under her control – just like Emma did to James.

But what will Meena do next?

What are fans saying?

Emmerdale viewers have drawn the comparison between the two murderers on Twitter.

And some have found the storyline to be a little too similar.

Is Meena going to kill David in Emmerdale?

Is David’s life in danger from murderous Meena? (Credit: ITV)

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While Emma ended up murdering two people, Meena is currently at just one killing after she pushed Leanna Cavanagh over the bridge.

However, with Super Soap week coming up, we know she has another victim in mind as she plots to murder Victoria.

Could she also kill David? Or will someone else be in her sights?

Emmerdale has lined up a list of potential victims in their trailer, including Charity and Andrea.

And just last night (Tuesday, October 5 2021) it looked like Priya was set to be next in Meena’s orbit. Or could Priya be the one to expose her?

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