Angelica King in Emmerdale: Who is she? Who plays the troublesome teenager?

She's looking all grown up

Angelica King has grown up on screen in Emmerdale.

And her teenage troubles are about to hit when she falls in love for the first time.

Angel’s fallen for Heath Hope, and she’s desperate to spend time with her crush. Except Amelia’s asked her to look after baby Esther.

Meaning Angel’s got a difficult decision to make – one that she might regret!

Angelica looking at the baby on Emmerdale
Angel’s stuck with baby Esther

Who is Angelica King in Emmerdale?

Angelica King on the phone in Emmerdale
Angelica is played by Rebecca Bakes (Credit: ITV)

Angelica – also known as Angel – is the daughter of Jimmy and Nicola King.

She was born on August 6, 2009, but was premature and taken to the special baby unit due to breathing difficulties.

As if that wasn’t a tough enough start in life, just 24 hours later she was kidnapped by her Uncle Carl’s wife, Lexi.

Lexi and Angel were found on the hospital roof and brought to safety.

Angelica’s life took another dark turn just days before her christening when crazed Sally Spode pushed her into the middle of the road. Fortunately she was okay.

A few years later, Cathy Hope bit Angel at kids’ club and Nicola bit Cathy in retaliation.

But Cathy’s mum, Viv, wasn’t happy about that and she took Nicola to court. Nico got off with a caution and, as her case was the same day as her wedding to Jimmy, she raced off and just made it in time.

Angelica is Nicola and Jimmy’s only child together.

Jimmy has two sons – Elliot Windsor and Carl Holliday who are Angel’s half-brothers.

Elliot and Carl live with Nicola and Jimmy in the village.

Has Angelica been recast in Emmerdale? Rebecca Bakes grimaces as she plays her
Rebecca Bakes has played Angelica for 13 years (Credit: ITV)

Has Angelica King been recast in Emmerdale?

Angelica is played by actress Rebecca Bakes.

The role has not been recast, it just seems to be another case of kids growing up!

Much like fellow child actors Sebastian Dowling who plays Heath and Alfie Clark who plays Arthur Thomas, Rebecca Bakes has just got older.

Some viewers were convinced it was a new actress when Angel appeared to change her  appearance. But it was more that she’d not been on screen for a while and her new look was actually a natural part of growing up.

Rebecca has played Angelica since 2009 after taking over the role from Sophie Firth.

Sophie played Angelica from birth for three months before Rebecca was cast in the role instead.

Sophie tragically died in 2012 after a shock accident. Her dress caught alight and she suffered 70 percent burns to her body.

After a nine day fight for life in intensive care, she heartbreakingly died of her injuries aged just three.

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