Emmerdale's Kim and will look at beaten Alex

Emmerdale fans left thrilled by ‘turning point’ for Kim Tate and Will Taylor

Fans loved the chemistry of Emmerdale's own Bonnie and Clyde

Recent developments on Emmerdale have left fans thrilled for newlyweds Will Taylor and Kim Tate.

While it looked as though their marriage might already be on the rocks following the death of Harriet, the pair seem to have reached a turning point in their popularity with fans.

Fans were left thrilled by this turn of events.

Will and Kim looking determined and imposing
Will and Kim’s plot to get rid of Alex has brought them closer together (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kim and Will kidnap scheming Alex

Kim and Will united to put a stop to blackmailing Alex’s harrassment of their family.

Recent scenes saw the pair kidnap Alex in an attempt to drive him away.

Alex tried to blackmail Dawn Taylor by threatening to take away custody of Lucas.

Instead, Kim and Will bundled him into the boot of their car.

The pair put on a united front as Will savagely beat Alex.

Kim was impressed by Will’s actions and family loyalty.

Kim and Will looking menacing
Will Alex come to regret making an enemy of Kim and Will? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans celebrate Will and Kim’s return to form

Fans took to Twitter to praise Kim and Will’s latest scenes.

As Will Taylor actor Dean Andrews compared the duo to Bonnie and Clyde, Emmerdale fans spoke up to voice their enthusiasm.

Said one fan: “The chemistry between you both is starting to work well. Loving the new Kim, still ruthless, but now for the right reasons, but more compassionate for the right reasons as well. She’s adjusting her character to blend with yours and you adjusting to hers.”

“Love this combo, glad they worked it out and looking forward to what they do next,” said another.

“Last night’s episode showed that Will and Kim are definitely a perfect match for each other,” one fan enthused.

“Great partnership these two. I’m looking forward to seeing how the pairing develops. Don’t cross or turn your back on Kim though,” another said.

Someone else added: “I haven’t been sure about the pairing but tonight was a turning point for me loved it!!”

Alex beaten and bloody
The pair bonded over brutalising Alex (Credit: ITV)

Let bygones be bygones?

As Kim and Will menaced Alex, the pair had never seemed closer.

Have these acts of violence brought the couple closer together?

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Emmerdale - Kim and Will Kidnap Alex

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