Emmerdale's Ella, and in a bubble is Meena

Emmerdale fans spot clue Ella is hiding a dark past – and she could be linked to Meena

Could she be connected with Meena Jutla herself?

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday, April 2), Ella noticed that Liam had been injured by something and wanted to help him with his wounds.

He then started to ask her about her family and friends but she was rather guarded about it.

Now, Emmerdale fans think that there’s a reason why Ella was being so secretive – she’s hiding something dark.

It was all a little suss (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ella tended to Liam’s wounds

Yesterday evening in the Dales, Ella noticed that Liam had been left battered and bruised despite him making out to everyone that he’d had a fight with a cupboard door.

At the surgery, Ella tended to the cuts and bruises whilst hinting that she wanted a proper relationship with Liam as she wasn’t a fan of keeping things casual.

Liam said that Ella would make a good nurse, prompting her to bring up the subject of an old friend who once said the same.

When Liam asked her about her family and friends though, Ella didn’t go into any more detail.

Later on, Ella saw Liam and Chas talking to each other outside and stood watching them both from a distance. These scenes added together have now sparked concerns for some fans.

Could Ella be linked to Meena? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict Ella Forster dark history

Emmerdale fans have started to wonder whether Ella is hiding something about her past, with some thinking that she’s not to be trusted.

Some fans even reckon that she’s linked to former village serial killer, Meena Jutla!

One fan commented: “Ella definitely has a dark past and now Liam is asking, seems like she doesn’t want to talk about it…”

Another Emmerdale viewer replied: “It’s 1000% to do with Meena.”

A third person added: “Wonder how long it’ll be until I shake the feeling that there’s another shoe to drop w/Ella. Her watching Liam/ Chas from afar is giving potential cray cray…”

A fourth fan continued: “Ella is connected to Meena… who shall be returning soon.”

A final person finished “Is Ella there for some kind of revenge?”

Meena still has to be sentenced in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Ella’s working alongside Meena’s sister (Credit: ITV)

Is Ella linked to Meena?

In the village, Ella has a job as a receptionist at the surgery. This means that she’s Manpreet’s colleague…

Liam also suggested that Ella could be a nurse… but, perhaps she used to be? Meena herself was a nurse meaning that they could’ve known each other through their profession.

But, is Ella in the village on behalf of Meena? Does she have a dark secret that she’s yet to reveal?

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