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Emmerdale fans point out major plot holes as Moira sells her farm to Kim

Moira made a deal with the Devil

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Thursday May 18, 2023), Moira accepted that she’d have to sell Butlers Farm.

Caleb suggested that she sell the farm to Kim. Moira was reluctant to but saw no other way of sorting out her financial troubles.

Now, Emmerdale fans have pointed out some major plot holes as Moira sells Kim her farm – what could they be?

Moira had no other option (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Moira sold her farm to Kim

After admitting that their financial issues at Butlers were too great, Moira looked for ways to sell her land.

Caleb suggested that Kim buys it for her stud farm but Moira only wanted to turn to Kim if she had no other choice but to.

Asking other local farmers to help her, Moira had no hope. She then made her way to Home Farm with Cain and offered Kim the land.

Cain wasn’t happy with the situation and put up a bit of a fight. However, Kim soon made Moira an offer she couldn’t refuse, buying the land for £990,000, and shook hands to finalise the deal.

Moira then told her family that she had sold the farm but not their house or Holly’s field. Their cows and the farming equipment would all need to be sold too.

Will Taylor and Kim Tate on Emmerdale
How bizarre (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans baffled by major Moira and Kim plot holes

Emmerdale fans have become baffled by some major plot holes as Moira handed over her farm to Kim. They thought that Kim owned Wylies Farm, pointing out that she could use that for her stud farm instead.

They’ve also been left confused as to why we haven’t heard anything about Moira’s financial troubles until now.

One fan commented: “What happened to Wylies Farm? I thought Kim bought that, why can’t that be used for this stupid stud farm we’re never going to see?”

“Hang on, I thought Wylie‘s farm was owned by Kim?” questioned someone else. 

Another Emmerdale viewer wondered: “How come we haven’t heard of Moira’s financial woes until recently?”

A fourth viewer tweeted: “Convenient how Moira hadn’t had any issues with running the farm until Caleb turned up.”

“We suddenly hear Moira‘s farm in diffs?” Someone else queried. 

Caleb talks to Moira on Emmerdale
Caleb betrayed his family (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Will Caleb’s plan backfire on him?

Caleb caused Moira to give up her land to Kim after planting screws in her burger meat. Now Caleb’s plan seems to be heading in the right direction – he’s got Kim where he wants her.

But, will somebody soon suss his plan out? Will Caleb’s plan backfire on him? Will Moira realise Caleb’s betrayal?

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Emmerdale - Moira Sells Her Farm To Kim But Cain Is Not Happy (18th May 2023)

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