Emmerdale Liv Flaherty broken heart

Emmerdale fans heartbroken at ‘saddest episode ever watched’ as Liv dies

Liv died from her injuries

Emmerdale fans were left completely heartbroken as Liv Flaherty died with her husband Vinny by her side in tonight’s episode (Wednesday, October 19).

It was revealed tonight that Liv had become trapped after the caravan flew towards her and Vinny.

Sadly Liv did not survive and died from her injuries, leaving fans completely heartbroken.

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny struggling to walk through the storm
Liv and Vinny went out in the storm (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Liv becomes trapped in the storm

In last night’s Emmerdale episode (Tuesday, October 18) viewers saw Liv and Vinny head out into the storm so they could get to the Woolpack to look after Eve.

However on their way over Liv noticed the caravan was being moved by the strong winds.

The caravan ended up flying straight towards Liv and Vinny.

In tonight’s scenes it was revealed Vinny was unharmed, but as he went to check on Liv he discovered she was trapped.

Liv’s brother Aaron came along and they tried to move the caravan, but Paddy warned them not to as it could make things worse.

Although Liv was conscious, she said she could no longer feel her legs leaving her family concerned.

Through the storm the emergency services made it to Liv, but as they started to check over Liv, they told Paddy some devastating news.

Paddy told Aaron, Vinny and Mandy that the emergency services couldn’t move the caravan as it had pinned Liv down and crushed her lower body.

The caravan was the only thing keeping her alive, but there was nothing they could do.

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny sitting down and smiling at each other
Liv and Vinny had just got back on track (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Liv dies in devastating scenes

Vinny was absolutely devastated learning that his wife would die.

Mandy encouraged her son to just be with her, as that’s all he could do now.

Meanwhile Aaron went to be with his sister.

Although Liv was initially confused about what was going on, she soon realised that there was nothing that could be done to save her.

She thanked her brother for bringing her to Emmerdale and giving her a good life.

Aaron was in tears as he told Liv he would leave her to spend time with Vinny.

Aaron and Liv told each other how much they loved each other.

Vinny came and sat with Liv.

Vinny began to talk about their plans for the future to have pets and travel the world together.

But Liv knew she wouldn’t make it and made him promise he would go and do those things.

Liv told her husband he was strong and that she was lucky to have him.

They both cried as they said their goodbyes, telling each other how much they loved each other.

Liv told her husband she never knew anyone could make her so happy before shutting her eyes.

Liv died and Vinny sobbed as he hugged his wife.

Fans call it ‘saddest episode ever’

Emmerdale fans were left completely devastated by the heartbreaking scenes.

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