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Emmerdale fans blast Samson as he exposes Lydia’s rape: ‘Keep your big trap shut’

Thanks to Samson the whole village knows

Last night in Emmerdale (Tuesday, October 17), Samson was responsible for starting the village gossip about Lydia’s rape.

After speaking to Cathy about Lydia’s rape, it wasn’t long before Nicola caught wind of what had happened.

Emmerdale fans have now blasted Samson after he exposed Lydia’s rape, complaining: ‘Keep your big trap shut.’

Emmerdale's Samson is angry
Samson told Cathy about Lydia’s rape (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Samson exposed Lydia’s rape

Last night, Samson struggled to process the fact that Lydia was raped by Craig.

He’d trusted Craig and couldn’t believe that he’d do anything to harm Lydia, trying to get his head around it.

Speaking to Cathy in the café, Samson tried to offload his feelings and revealed that Craig had forced himself upon Lydia.

Nicola was working when she overheard Samson’s conversation. This prompted Nicola to tell Bernice, spreading the gossip around the village.

Rhona had seen the two sisters discussing Lydia’s assault and tried to stop them. However, Lydia then approached them and thought that Rhona was also speaking badly about her.

She then expressed her upset at Rhona’s supposed betrayal after taking the step to trust her with her story.

Emmerdale's Lydia is speaking to Rhona outside
Emmerdale fans are furious at Samson (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans blast Samson as he exposes Lydia’s rape

Now, Emmerdale fans have blasted Samson after he exposed Lydia’s rape to Cathy. They have complained that he had no right sharing this information and that it’s ‘not his story to tell.’

One fan complained: “”[Bleep] Samson can u not keep your big trap shut . Telling Cathy is bad enough but with Nicola in earshot [bleep.]”

Another person continued: “Samson, shut the [bleep] up, this isn’t your story to tell.”

A third viewer wrote: “Wait, Samson full on actually went around telling people Lydia was full on raped, really? Why exactly? Totally get he doesn’t wanna believe it but to take the decision of saying anything to anyone outside the family outta her hands was just cruel & uncalled for”


A fourth fan said: “Samson’s big mouth. What a total change in this character. Really unlikeable nowadays.”

A final person finished: “Lydia: I don’t want people knowing. Samson: Continues to tell Cathy in the café where prying ears (cough, Nicola) can hear.”

Emmerdale's Bernice, Nicola and Rhona are outside
Can everyone help Lydia through this? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Can the villagers support Lydia?

Now that the news of Lydia’s rape has made it’s way around the village, Lydia’s bound to be on edge.

But, can the villagers support Lydia through this ordeal and help her get justice against Craig?

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