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EastEnders: Stacey manipulating Theo is not right, fans blast

Stacey was desperate for Theo to plead guilty

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Last night in EastEnders (Monday, November 27), Stacey agreed to meet up with Theo on the day of his plea hearing and listen to what he had to say.

She then tried to manipulate him into pleading guilty by suggesting that a relationship was still possible for them.

Now, EastEnders fans are slamming the soap for Stacey’s actions, disagreeing with the message behind them.

EastEnders' Stacey looks serious
Stacey was desperate for Theo to plead guilty (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Stacey tried to influence Theo’s plea

In Monday night’s episode of EastEnders, Stacey was contacted by Theo and was asked to meet up with him.

Stacey initially didn’t want to go but then changed her mind after seeing how worried Lily was.

Meeting up with Theo, Stacey sat down with him and talked about the plea hearing.

Theo asked her if there was any hope for them as a couple, despite everything that had happened between them.

Stacey then tried to convince Theo that he should plead guilty, suggesting that they could make it work if he just admitted to stalking her.

Theo then got angry and ordered Stacey to leave, unable to believe Stacey’s lies.

EastEnders' Stacey is concerned
Fans don’t like the message behind the scenes (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam soap for Stacey behaviour

EastEnders viewers aren’t impressed by Stacey’s behaviour, upset at how the show is having female victims behave immorally and confront their abusers in a bid to get their voices heard.

One fan asked: “Why does this show keep encouraging women to confront their stalkers/rapists/abusers (Ruby, Stacey, Linda etc?) REALLY dangerous advice.”

Another fan added: “Hated the Stacey and Theo scenes tonight. I understand it’s part of the build up but I’m sick of seeing strong women having to resort to appeasing their abusers, especially when Theo is most likely going to get off anyway.”

A third person commented: “The writing is ridiculous and offensive in search of a sensationalised storyline that every woman with a brain cell would relinquish the last trace of it to these vile men as they are having Linda and Stacey do.”

Will Theo plead guilty? (Credit: BBC)

Will Stacey get justice against Theo?

Tonight (Tuesday, November 28), Stacey attends Theo’s plea hearing as she prepares for him to give evidence. But, will Theo plead guilty?

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