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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Kat drops Phil to be with Alfie as he gets his cancer results

Kat supports Alfie

In EastEnders spoilers for tonight (Monday, September 11), Kat drops Phil to be with Alfie as he gets his cancer results.

After Phil lets slip about Alfie’s cancer scare, Kat insists on accompanying him for his test results.

But, will Alfie be okay? Or, will he receive bad news in EastEnders spoilers?

Kat accompanies Alfie to the hospital (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Kat drops Phil to be with Alfie

Tonight, Kat’s furious when she finds out that Tommy lashed out at Alfie and that Phil and Alfie have been keeping it a secret from her.

They’ve been taking Tommy to the boxing den, making Kat furious that she wasn’t told about it.

With Kat confronting Phil over the secret, Phil accidentally lets slip about Alfie’s cancer scare shock.

Taken aback by the revelation, Kat drops Phil to be with Alfie at the hospital as he awaits his cancer results.

After their time at the hospital, Kat directs her anger towards Phil. But, will Alfie get the all clear?

Lily and Ricky aren’t taking their duties seriously (Credit: BBC)

Jack isn’t impressed by Lily and Ricky

After a sleepless night, Lily manages to persuade Stacey to go to work with Eve and let her look after baby Charli at home.

Lily and Ricky then go out and are spotted by Jack whilst not taking their parenting duties seriously.

Jack starts throwing about accusations making Stacey take Lily home, furious. But, will Lily and Ricky step up and look after Charli responsibly?

Lexi’s been contacting Emma again (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Emma returns for Lexi

Jay’s suspicious when Lexi starts being guarded whilst on her phone.

He soon realises that she’s been texting Emma for weeks when she turns up in Walford again.

Jay tells Emma to leave but she tells him that she’s worried about her, prompting Callum to encourage Jay to hear her out.

Emma then asks if she can talk things through tomorrow. But, will Jay give her the time of day?

Zack and Whitney look to the future (Credit: BBC)

Whitney and Zack decide to move out

Zack and Whitney have a meeting about fostering but are told they need to have a place of their own before they can go ahead with the process.

With this, they tell Chelsea that they’re moving out so that they can foster. Chelsea’s devastated by the news, but can she be happy for her friends?

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