EastEnders spoilers: First look comp image - Jack, Suki, Stacey

EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for December 18-22 as Jack blackmails Denise to stay with him

But Jack's also got something to feel guilty about

EastEnders spoilers for the week before Christmas reveal that Jack is battling to save his marriage to Denise. But when she tries to leave him he turns very dark indeed.

Meanwhile, Stacey gets flowers from Eve, but when Suki realises Nish was behind them, she puts two and two together and plots revenge.

Also, Dean gets good news, followed by bad, and Sharon thinks her wedding is cursed – boy, she has no idea!

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Jack and Denise in meltdown

Jack wakes up full of regret. He lashes out at Amy and Ricky who storm out into the Square where they bump into Denise.

After seeing Amy and Ricky in a sorry state, Denise heads back home. She intends to fight for her marriage, but is it too late?

2. Kim urges Denise to divorce

Denise looking sad on EastEnders

After a heavy conversation with Jack Denise is left in shock at her discovery. She heads to No.20 to seek counsel from Kim.

Kim insists she must divorce Jack as her marriage is clearly over. Denise realises she is right and heads back home to pack her things.

3. Jack blackmails Denise into staying

Horrified Amy catches Denise about to leave and stops her. Devastated Amy flees No.27 and Jack and Denise desperately search for her.

After finding her crying in the playground, Jack blames Denise for Amy’s current mental state. He empties her packed suitcase. And then he forbids her from leaving the family home.

4. Stacey interferes

The next day, Jack tries to make amends with Denise. But she tells him she can’t forgive him for using Amy’s mental health to blackmail her.

Stacey then interferes in his relationship troubles. Things soon spiral out of control for Jack and he makes a shocking phone call.

5. Suki finds out what Nish did

Stacey receives flowers from Eve at the bap van and is surprised. But Suki is convinced Eve didn’t really send them.

After some investigation Suki finds out Nish sent the flowers and therefore must know about her affair. Suki fills Stacey in on what she believes has happened and they both fear for Eve’s safety.

6. Suki’s revenge

Suki fears the worst over Eve and quickly plans her revenge. She asks Vinny to stay out so she can be alone with Nish.

Stacey desperately wants to stop Suki doing anything stupid. She bursts in while Suki is cooking the meal and begs her not to act.

Suki and Nish sitting together on EastEnders

Stacey leaves as Nish arrives home, but will Suki go through with what she’s planning?

7. Dean gets an important call

Dean is stunned to receive a call from the hospital about a transplant for Jade. However he soon gets bad news when the transplant is called off.

8. Sharon’s wedding dress destroyed

Sharon and Linda collect her dream wedding dress. But the dress is accidentally sent flying into the road. In The Vic Sharon suggests she thinks it’s a sign to cancel the wedding. However, Linda offers some comforting words and Kathy provides a new dress and Sharon agrees to carry on.

9. Alfie and Billy team up

Alfie and Billy showing cufflinks to Reiss on EastEnders

Billy is not in the Christmas spirit and Honey is worried. When she catches Alfie setting up an illegal pitch she agrees to turn a blind eye if he joins forces with Billy to cheer him up before his first Christmas without Lola.

10. Howie steps up

Kim loses her voice throwing the carol concert into jeopardy. After some words on encouragement from Patrick, Howie steps in and saves the day.

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