Keanu looking pained on EastEnders; inset, Sharon looks scared (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

EastEnders: Keanu betrays his mother Karen and fans are ‘disgusted’

The coward threw his mum under the bus

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Fans of EastEnders have been left sickened by the behaviour of Keanu Taylor following last night’s episode of the soap. This came amid the revelation that the Taylor family had faked the kidnapping of his son, Albie.

As Phil found the evidence he was looking for that Keanu and Karen staged Albie’s kidnapping, he revealed the news to Sharon and the punters at The Vic.

But worse was to come for Karen, as cowardly Keanu left her to shoulder the blame alone.

Karen looks shocked on EastEnders
Karen took the fall for her son (Credit: BBC)

Keanu throws his mother under the bus as Phil reveals all

With the locals reeling in shock, Keanu played dumb… pretending that the kidnapping had all been Karen, who took the blame for them both.

Confronted by Phil, Keanu swore that he knew nothing about Karen’s plan – leaving her on the receiving end of Phil’s wrath.

Realising that the truth could get Keanu killed, Karen went along with it, taking the blame for Albie’s kidnapping. Back at home, a terrified Karen planned her next move – with Sharon threatening to call the police, and Phil demanding his ransom money back.

But what’s next for Karen and Keanu?

Keanu Taylor looks pained
Keanu let his mum take the blame (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam cowardly Keanu as his mum takes the rap

Keanu’s cowardice didn’t sit well with fans, who took to social media to blast his betrayal. Writing on Twitter (now X) last night, fans shared their fury at his latest heinous act.

“Ooo I can’t believe Keanu set up Karen like this. Acted like he was completely oblivious! Next level of snakey,” wrote one fan.

“Keanu is disgusting for letting his mum take the blame for his stupid actions,” another said.

“Keanu is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Poor Karen. This is just brutal,” a third chimed in.

“Damn! Keanu is trash!” exclaimed another.

Where do you stand on Keanu’s betrayal of Karen? An understandable act of desperation… or the actions of a coward and a snake?

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