Nish looks menacing on the phone in EastEnders; inset, Stacey looking worried (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

EastEnders fans predict ‘who killed Nish’ story as he names Stacey as his attacker

Is a whodunnit in the soap's future?

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Fans of EastEnders have predicted that the downfall of Nish Panesar could culminate in a whodunnit – with someone murdering the Walford villain following his recent reign of terror.

This follows this week’s episodes of the soap, in which Nish called the police and named Stacey Slater as his Christmas attacker. Left frustrated after Kat saw through his plot to elbow in on her divorce settlement, Nish lashed out.

He attacked Kat and chased her to the street outside, where Stacey, Suki and Eve were waiting.

Nish on the phone on EastEnders
Nish shopped Stacey to the cops (Credit: BBC)

Humiliated Nish reports Stacey to the police

As he was publicly chewed out by Suki, Kat, Stacey and Eve, Nish skulked home, where he called the police.

He then told them that he remembered who had attacked him on Christmas Day… and that it was a woman. A Stacey Slater-shaped woman, in fact.

Although the fallout saw Jack get Stacey and then Nish’s family turn against him when they witnessed his violence against Suki, Nish’s deviousness has left fans eagerly awaiting his downfall.

And some think they know exactly how it will happen…

Suki, Stacey and Eve on EastEnders
Suki, Stacey, Kat and Eve…. who will dun it? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict whodunnit for murdered Nish

Writing on X as the latest episodes aired, a number of EastEnders fans shared their theories about how Nish might finally exit the soap.

“WHAT IF: EE is setting up a whodunnit for Nish where Nish is killed and one of the four women who were shouting him are the suspects? Stacey, Suki, Kat, and Eve?” one fan asked. Could The Six really turn serial killers?

“After watching Tuesday’s EastEnders I definitely think the 40th anniversary storyline next year will be a ‘who killed Nish’ whodunnit? storyline,” suggested another.

“I really don’t wanna wait 12 months for a whodunnit murder mystery with Nish. Can’t he die now?” a third sighed.

Nish needs to meet his end at some point… but will we know whodunnit when the time comes?

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