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EastEnders: Cindy has forgotten about daughter Cindy Jnr’s existence, fans complain

It's as though Cindy Jnr doesn't exist

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Recently in EastEnders, Cindy Beale has been at the hospital whilst she worries about her son, Peter’s, health.

Cindy has been rather emotional this week as she fears losing another one of her children.

Now, EastEnders fans have complained that Cindy has completely forgotten about one of her children.

EastEnders' Cindy and Ian are together at the hospital
Cindy visited Peter at the hospital (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Cindy visited Peter at the hospital

Viewers will know that Peter is currently in hospital after being injured in the fire at Kathy’s.

He’d gone into the fire in a bid to save Bobby who had been hit by the explosion.

Peter was then put on life support as Cindy visited him at the hospital, worried that she would lose another one of her children.

She’d already lost Lucy and Steven and couldn’t face losing Peter as well.

She then revealed to Bobby that she felt guilty for not being there for Gina, Anna and Peter growing up and wanted to make amends.

However, she failed to mention or acknowledge her other daughter – Cindy Jnr.

EastEnders' Cindy Jnr is crying
Cindy Jnr has been ignored (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam Cindy for forgetting about child

Cindy’s been so focused on making amends with her children in Walford that she’s failed to bother about her other daughter, Cindy Jnr.

Now, fans of the BBC soap have blasted Cindy for forgetting all about her other kid.

One fan commented: “Cindy forgetting that her other daughter, Cindy Jnr, exists.”


A second person exclaimed: “Was waiting for Cindy to mention Cindy Jnr like I really need her to acknowledge the impact on her now!!”

A third EastEnders viewer asked: “Does Cindy even care that Cindy Jr exists?”

EastEnders' Cindy Jnr is angry
Will Cindy Jnr return? (Credit: BBC)

Will Cindy Jnr make a comeback to Walford?

After her return to Walford, Cindy only mentioned the existence of Cindy Jnr once.

She said that she didn’t know anything about her and didn’t want to contact her as she’d heard that Cindy Jnr had been through a bad break up; Finding out that her mum was still alive would make things worse.

But, will Cindy Jnr come back to Walford? Will Cindy try to reach out to her daughter?

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Eastenders Cindy Williams thrown out by Peter Beale saved by Ian Beale

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