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EastEnders boss confirms more iconic characters set to return to the soap

Cindy Beale's not the only old face returning to town

Soap boss Chris Clenshaw has confirmed that more iconic characters are set to return to EastEnders. This comes in the wake of Cindy Beale’s shock resurrection, having returned to Walford this year.

Cindy’s EastEnders return was heavily teased throughout the year, as viewers learned that George Knight’s ex wife – and mother of his children – was none other than the Walford icon.

Cindy returned to the UK with son Peter and husband Ian in tow. Since their comeback, the family have been making themselves at home, back in Walford.

But is there more to come? EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw has teased that this might be the case.

Cindy looking around Walford on EastEnders
Cindy’s not the only familiar face returning to Walford this year (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders boss teases more returns

Speaking to The Daily Star, Chris confirmed that more familiar faces are headed back to Walford. “There will be some characters returning in the not too distant future. They will be announced soon. Watch this space,” Chris said.

He also teased the arrival of some new faces too. “We have got some new characters coming that are arriving soon,” Chris told the tabloid.

While it’s likely that one of the returning figures will be Sam Mitchell – whose recent exit from Walford was only temporary, we have our wish list of characters we’d like to see back in Albert Square.

But will yours make the cut?

EastEnders' Fatboy
Could Fatboy still be alive? (Credit: BBC/YouTube)


Fans fell in love with Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb due to his charming friendship with Dot Cotton. He appeared in the soap between 2010 – 2015.

The comedy character appeared to have been killed off, but as this occurred off-screen, he could still be alive. Adding further credence to the theory is a card that was sent to Dot’s funeral under Fatboy’s name, suggesting that he may have survived his fate.

Fatboy made a surprise comeback last month, appearing in a flashback which coincided with the return of Cindy Beale. But could something more full-time be on the cards?

Vincent looking scared on EastEnders
The gangster met his demise off-screen (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Vincent Hubbard

Like Fatboy before him, gangster Vincent Hubbard appeared to die – in this case, killed by two hitman hired by Phil Mitchell. However, his death was also off-screen, meaning that there is a chance Vincent may have survived his fate.

However, this seems unlikely, as Vincent’s fate seems to have been confirmed by Howie Danes, who revealed that he’d witnessed three men enter the scene of the crime… and only two leave afterwards.

Mick sits at the dinner table, looking unhappy next to Linda and the kids on EastEnders
Mick looking unhappy at the dinner table on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Mick Carter

Danny Dyer’s pub landlord left the soap last year after being caught up in Janine’s latest plot. When cars carrying himself, Linda and Janine careened off a cliff into the sea, Mick valiantly returned to the water trying to save Linda – unaware that she was safe and sound on the shore.

Mick was never seen again, believed to have been washed out to sea by the tide. But, with his body never having been found, the door of The Vic remains open for his return…

Dean shouting on EastEnders
Fans have predicted Dean’s return for some time now (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Dean Wicks

EastEnders fans have long been clamouring for villain Dean Wicks’s return to the soap, with some convinced that he will be the Christmas corpse. Fans have speculated that Gina’s boyfriend – who she left in Spain – could be none other than Dean Wicks.

If so, he could return to terrorise the Square once more. But will he survive his return trip?

Roxy and Ronnie EastEnders
Fans were horrified at Roxy and Ronnie’s undignified demise (Credit: BBC)

Roxy and Ronnie

The iconic sisters Mitchell – Roxy and Ronnie – met a depressing end, appearing to drown in a swimming pool during a tragic accident. Many dissatisfied fans have called for their deaths to be reversed, claiming that, as we never saw the sisters’ bodies, they could well still be alive.

Roxy returned earlier this year, appearing to daughter Amy in a fantasy sequence. Could Roxy come back for real?

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