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Emmerdale hints at dark twist in Rishi’s death as Amit arrives

Did Amit murder Rishi?

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Last night in Emmerdale (Wednesday, October 10), Amit looked rather suspicious as he entered the Sharma house – the place where Rishi died.

When he came across the spot where Rishi took his last breath, Amit had a dark look on his face.

Did Emmerdale just drop a huge hint that Rishi’s death was actually MURDER?

Emmerdale's Amit is in The Hide with Jai
Amit had a sinister look on his face (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Amit has arrived in the Dales

Emmerdale viewers will know that Rishi died on Jai’s wedding day, failing to attend his wedding to Laurel.

Jai had been angry at his father for keeping a huge secret from him – he wasn’t his biological dad.

Finding out that his “cousin” Suni’s dad was actually his biological dad, Jai’s world had crumbled.

He’d rowed with Rishi over keeping his adoption a secret from him his entire life.

However, before Jai had the chance to make it up to Rishi, Rishi fell down the stairs and died.

This week, Jai and Suni’s biological dad, Amit, shocked them by arriving in the Dales.

Tonight though, Amit entered the Sharma household and looked rather concerned when he walked in.

His gaze drifted to the bottom of the stairs where Rishi had sadly died and there was a brief flash or recognition. But, why did Amit’s face turn so sinister?

Rishi lying dead at the bottom of the stairs on Emmerdale
Did Amit kill Rishi? (Credit: ITV)

Did Emmerdale just confirm that Rishi was murdered?

Rishi’s death was initially made out to be a tragic accident, but after Amit’s reaction to seeing Rishi’s place of death, could there be more to it?

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media about Amit’s arrival, actor Anil Goutam revealed: “There are lots of complexities with this guy.”

He then confirmed: “He has a darker side to him,” whilst Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw teased: “Is Amit hiding another secret that threatens to blow the whole family apart?”

But, could Amit’s dark secret possibly be that he murdered Rishi? Is this really Amit’s first time in the village?

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Emmerdale - Jai Finds Rishi Dead

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