Coronation Street Glenda and Mary smile

Coronation Street’s Glenda and Mary leave fans all saying the same thing

It's the comedy duo we all needed

Coronation Street pairing Glenda Shuttleworth with Mary Taylor is an inspired move!

Jodie Prenger made her debut on the cobbles on Friday (August 5) and already she is a breath of fresh air.

And now they’ve teamed her up with Mary!

We’re here for it – and so are the fans!

Glenda Shuttleworth and Mary Taylor sit on the sofa and smile in Coronation Street
Glenda and Mary have hit it off immediately (Credit: ITV)

Mary and Glenda in Coronation Street

As Glenda makes herself well and truly at home on the Street, she has been helping Sean Tully track down a new man.

Sean met dentist Laurence at a funeral last week and was instantly smitten. But still hurting from his bad experience with nasty Frank, Sean didn’t get Laurence’s number.

So on Monday Glenda made it her mission to track Laurence down.

Mary got involved and it lead to the comedy duo we all needed!

As Mary declared them like crime-fighting duo ‘Rosemary and Thyme’ the light and fun they brought to the episode was much needed.

Last night (Wednesday August 10), it was George Shuttleworth who managed to bag Sean a date. But then Sean announced he wasn’t going to go.

Grumpy Eileen told George to go and cancel Laurence, who was waiting at the Bistro, but Glenda instantly stepped in and insisted George had to go and stall Laurence while they talked Sean round.

“It’s all we’ve got,” Glenda told Eileen.

Glenda then pointed to Mary: “Has she got a love life? No. Have I? Have I ‘eck as like, so if we can live vicariously through a couple of gay men, then who are you to stop our fun?”

Mary followed dutifully, while Eileen scowled.

But fans definitely weren’t scowling!

Coronation Street Glenda and Mary give Eileen a hard stare
Eileen might not be impressed with Glenda in Coronation Street but fans are (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

“I think Mary and Glenda might be my favourite soap pairing,” wrote one on Twitter.

Another agreed: “Nice for Mary to have a gal pal.”

“I love Glenda and Mary because both are hilarious,” said a third.

“Loving the Glenda and Mary pairing!” added one more.

Coronation Street Glenda looks gleeful as she helps Sean on the computer
We love Glenda! (Credit: ITV)

What happens next?

After a stint on the cruise ships and stepping into the breach at the funeral parlour, Glenda needs a new job.

She’ll soon secure one behind the bar of the Rovers.


We’re also told we’ll be hearing a bit of singing too at some point.

And hopefully, plenty more Glenda and Mary!

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Carena Crawford
Associate Editor (Soaps)