Aggie looks up to Tim on Coronation Street as he looks down

Coronation Street: Tim and Aggie’s growing closeness hints at potential romance

Fans reckon they have 'a spark'

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Coronation Street fans reckon Tim and Aggie might get together after Monday’s (June 27) episode of the ITV soap.

The two Weatherfield pals have grown close after nurse Aggie supported him through his triple heart bypass woes.

But with Tim and Sally‘s love life sagging, and Aggie feeling ignored by Ed, some viewers reckon a new match might be made.

Tim has a word with Aggie on Coronation Street
Tim has a word with Aggie on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV Hub)

Coronation Street: Tim pays Aggie attention

Last night’s visit to Coronation Street saw Tim stick his oar into Aggie’s relationship with Ed.

They struck up conversation in the cafe after she smirked at his attempts at US slang – and looked mildly flustered as she later excused herself.

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Aggie admitted that Ed’s social life and her shifts meant they had been “like passing ships”.

This caused Tim to apologise for not being able to stop and talk the day before after he prioritised Sally’s needs.

Aggie replied: “You’re working on your marriage. I can’t expect you to work on mine, too.”

Aggie is flustered on Coronation Street
Aggie is flustered on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV Hub)

Tim’s ‘special sense’

Tim went on to attempt a quiet word with Ed – and Ronnie – in the Rovers about Aggie “feeling forgotten”.

He speculated – thanks to his “special sense”- that Aggie may have been “jealous” over Tim taking Sally on a date.

“I just get this hunch that Aggie would appreciate being taken out now and again. Or bought a bath bomb. Or some flowers or chocolate,” Tim told a visibly unimpressed Ed.

What makes you think you know his wife better than he does?

Stirring the pot, Ronnie asked: “What makes you think you know his wife better than he does?”

Tim squirmed as he realised he’d gone too far, claiming he was offering some “bloke-to-bloke advice”.

Ed and Ronnie have a word with Tim on Coronation Street
Ed and Ronnie have a word with Tim (Credit: ITV Hub)

‘I wanted to shove it back in’

However, bumping into Aggie later on, Tim agreed he was in the wrong.

“As soon as it came out I wanted to shove it back in,” he added, apologising and saying he would focus on his own marriage in future.

But although she looked stern, Aggie also acknowledged how she had returned home to a bunch of roses.

“I can’t even be upset with you, because whatever you said – it worked,” she smiled.

Aggie tells Tim off on Coronation Street
Aggie tells Tim off on Coronation Street – but admits his chat worked (Credit: ITV Hub)

How fans reacted to Tim and Aggie on Coronation Street

Viewers had mixed reactions to Tim and Aggie’s bond, with some expressing on social media they think romance could be on the cards.

“#Corrie Tim and Aggie are going to have an affair. Tell me I’m wrong,” one Twitter user asserted.

Another predicted: “Tim and Aggie are totally going to be an item #Corrie.”

“Tim and Aggie are going to Casa Amore soon #Corrie,” joked a third.

And a fourth person tweeted about the characters’ chemistry: “Tim and Aggie definitely have a spark #Corrie.”

Tim speaks with Aggie on Coronation Street
Tim said he’d stay out of Aggie and Ed’s business (Credit: ITV Hub)

But not everyone was as keen on the potential of Tim and Aggie coupling up.

“Tim and Aggie better not get together #Corrie,” wrote someone.

And another person pondered: “Why is Tim so bothered about Aggie… and more to the point, why is she telling Tim about her lack of action in the bedroom #Corrie.”

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However, not everyone saw a complicated future for the two friends.

“I think it’s sweet that Tim’s trying to help Aggie #Corrie,” one fan tweeted.

And another replied: “Me too, after she was there for him with his heart transplant.”

Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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