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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Monday, August 2 2021

Lives are on the line

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal fire horror for Alina as jealous Hope watches her flat burn.

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Hope a firestarter?

Did Hope start the fire_
Sly Hope steals the keys to Alina and Tyrone’s flat (Credit: ITV)

Pregnant Alina is left fighting for her life tonight when a terrifying blaze takes hold at the flat.

Disaster strikes when she’s home alone while Tyrone is celebrating the impending arrival of their baby boy.

He might be cock-a-hoop after finding out the baby’s gender, but daughter Hope is consumed by a jealous rage.

Hope couldn’t be responsible for the ferocious fire, could she?

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Tyrone is already concerned that Hope is struggling with her complicated emotions about her new sibling.

He tries to include her, but when she hears how excited they are about having a boy, Hope sees red.

At home with Fiz later, Hope tells her mum she hopes the baby is never born, before sneaking out and into Alina’s flat.

A short while later, Sally and Eileen are startled to see smoke pouring out of the flat and call for help.

Tyrone is frantic as he rushes home to find Alina being loaded into an ambulance and prays she’ll be ok.

Meanwhile, Hope calmly watches from the window. Is she the twisted firestarter?

James’ police appeal

James confronts guilty Craig
Craig is flustered when James confronts him (Credit: ITV)

Furious James kicks off tonight when the police investigation into his complaint is closed.

The frustrated footballer can’t believe it when Sergeant Mitchell confirms that they’ve exonerated PC Brody over his arrest.

He knows the incident was racially motivated, and can’t believe that friend Craig Tinker‘s account of what happened didn’t sway them.

But when he confronts Craig and realises the police officer backed his colleague’s version of events, James is infuriated.

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Craig is mortified to be called out by James, and things get worse when he heads to work and sees PC Brody.

Smug Brody tells Craig that black people are over sensitive, leaving his workmate absolutely disgusted.

Meanwhile, James is let down again when Weatherfield County Manager Robert is clearly relieved the complaint has been dropped.

Determined to fight for what’s right, James decides to appeal. Will he win?

Izzy rumbles her bosses

Izzy discovers she's been lied to
Izzy finds out the truth over Zoom (Credit: ITV)

It’s a tough day for Izzy when she realises Sarah and Carla have been lying to her.

The Underworld bosses have deliberately kept Izzy in the dark over the status of the orders she’s been working on to protect her feelings.

The truth is that Izzy’s health issues are impacting her speed and she’s missing deadlines.

So, when she realises that something’s amiss, she calls them on it – and Carla admits the truth.

Hurt and humiliated, distraught Izzy kills their Zoom call.

Can Carla and Sarah put their big mistake right?

Coronation Street spoilers: George rescues Todd

Todd's too skint to rent
Todd’s too skint to rent (Credit: ITV)

It looks like Todd‘s found a place to live this week – courtesy of boss George.

Now he’s persona non-grata, Todd’s been kipping at the funeral parlour overnight.

George feels sorry for him, especially when he explains he can’t afford to rent anywhere while paying Billy back.

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He offers his shamed employee a place to stay, just until Todd gets back on his feet.

But will he live to regret giving Weatherifeld’s arch manipulator a place to call home?

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