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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Carla forced to act when Peter admits the depths of his despair

Peter admits to Carla that he's been struggling

In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Friday, December 22), Carla attends Peter’s support meeting with him but isn’t prepared enough for the bombshell he drops.

As Peter opens up to the group about his latest struggles, Carla’s taken aback by his admissions.

But, can she support Peter through this tough time and be there for him in Coronation Street spoilers?

Carla and Peter at his support group in Corrie
Peter opens up (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla is heartbroken by Peter’s despair

Carla decides to accompany Peter to his latest support group meeting but is devastated when Peter confides in the group.

She discovers that he’s been losing interest in daily life, with Carla previously oblivious to his true struggles.

At the factory, later on, Michael finds Carla busy on her laptop buying Peter a Christmas gift.

He’s stunned when he finds out what’s she planning to give him. But, will Carla’s present but a smile on Peter’s face?

Tony wants to get back what he’s owed (Credit: ITV)

The Baileys are burgled

Trying to get away from his debt and Tony, Ed packs a bag and decides to spend Christmas with Aggie in Birmingham.

However, he soon comes face to face with Tony before he can make his escape, with Tony threatening to expose Ed’s secrets to Aggie on the phone.

As Tony punches and injures Ed, Michael shows Sarge and Ronnie the watch he’s bought Ed for Christmas.

They soon return home and find Ed all battered and bruised. All of the Christmas presents have also been taken.

As Ed goes through what happened with Craig, he lies that he forgot to lock the back door. But, will the police get to the truth?

Cassie and Roy standing next to a Porsche on Corrie
Coronation Street’s Cassie is smiling at Roy whilst standing next to a Porsche (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Cassie tries to save the day

Roy reveals to Cassie that he’s off to pick up Evelyn’s Christmas present. However, the Woody won’t start up.

With Cassie deciding to go on the shopping trip with Roy, she comes up with a plan to get Evelyn’s present. But, what does she have up her sleeve?

Jenny and Carla looking shocked on Corrie
Jenny and Daisy plan to buy the pub (Credit: ITV)

Jenny and Daisy plan their future

Tonight, Jenny and Daisy tell Dee-Dee that they’re going to try and get a loan to buy the pub.

The pair then tell Brian and Mary that they’ve got a loan, with this being great news for the Rovers.

However, Jenny then tells Daisy that they need to submit a sealed bid to go against another offer made on the pub. But, will they both manage to seal the deal?

Joseph does another performance for Paul (Credit: ITV)

Joseph makes Paul’s day

With Paul’s wheelchair breaking on the Street, Paul and Gemma get to the Weatherfield concert only to realise that it’s finished.

However, Glenda then persuades Joseph to do another performance for Paul so that he can see it.

Later on, Chesney comes to collect the kids as Gemma wishes they could’ve stayed with Paul for a bit longer.

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Coronation Street - Peter and Carla Meets The Mother Of Peter's Liver Doner (20th December 2023)

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