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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Roy is accused of assault – then charged with murder

Can things get any worse for Roy?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal things get even worse for Roy when he’s accused of assault. Then he’s charged with Lauren’s murder…

Meanwhile, Maria catches Gary making a heartbreaking confession to Sarah. Also, Toyah confronts Rowan over using Leanne.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

1. Sam supports Roy

Roy talks to Sam at the cafe on Corrie

Shona and Nick talk about the awful abuse Roy has been getting. Sam is upset and wants to visit Roy, but Nick says it’s not a good idea at the moment.

Sam and Roy talk on Coronation Street

Soon Sam lies to Shona that he’s going to see Hope. Instead he goes to the cafe to have a game of chess with Roy.

2. Roy ‘catfished’

Roy talking to Evelyn and Nina on Corrie

A woman claiming to be Lauren’s mum, Kerry, turns up at the cafe. She stays with Roy, but starts secretly filming his flat in the night.

Shona, Roy and Nina look annoyed with Alice in Corrie

However Roy soon gets a phone call from Lauren’s real mum telling him to leave her alone. Roy, Shona and Nina confront the women who admits she isn’t Kerry, she’s Alice.

3. Roy accused of assault

Alice, Roy and Evelyn argue on Corrie

Evelyn and Roy leave the cafe to take Freddie out and are met by Alice. She starts filming them.

Alice, Roy and Evelyn argue on Corrie

Roy acts to stop her and makes a grab for her phone. But then disaster strikes…

Roy and Evelyn look shocked as Alice lies on the floor after falling

Alice stumbles and bangs her head on the pavement. She then accuses Roy of assault and hurries away. As things seem to be getting even worse for Roy, the police soon arrive and arrest Roy officially for Lauren’s murder.

4. Liam and Dylan go missing

Gary and Maria talking on Corrie

It’s the day of Mason’s court case and Liam and Dylan have gone missing. Maria and Gary, plus Violet and Sean are worried. Will they show up for court?

5. Maria catches Gary and Sarah

Gary and Sarah talking on Corrie

Maria makes Gary feel pushed out and he ends up confiding in ex, Sarah, who is also feeling down about Damon’s sentencing. He invites Sarah to the flat and opens up about how Maria’s overprotective behaviour towards Liam is ruining their marriage.

Maria looking at her phone on Corrie

Still watching on her app, Maria is intrigued to see Gary and Sarah together. When she turns up the volume she’s devastated to hear Gary’s confession. Will this make things even worse between them?

6. Daisy loses everything

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan talk on the doorstep and she looks nervous

Daisy loses her job at the Rovers after Jenny piles all the blame on to her. She goes to visit Ryan and tells him she’s lost everything and doesn’t want to lose him too. But he’s disgusted and orders her to leave.

7. Toyah confronts Rowan

Toyah Battersby stands with her arms folded as she quizzes sister Leanne

Leanne is engrossed in one of Rowan’s motivational videos when Toyah walks in. As Leanne enthuses about how amazing Rowan and his teaching are, Toyah is sceptical.

Coronation Street Toyah looks annoyed with Rowan

Toyah decides to confront Rowan and at the Chariot Square hotel she quizzes him on his teachings.

Coronation Street Rowan tries to win Toyah over

Rowan starts going on about his reality coding methods and Toyah isn’t taken in. She tells him she is a trained counsellor and what he’s saying it harmful. But will Rowan be bothered by her.


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8. Will Dylan leave in Coronation Street spoilers?

Corrie: Violet and Eileen look annoyed with Sean

Sean is desperate not to let Violet take Dylan away. He begs her to let Dylan remain with him in Weatherfield.

Violet and Eileen watch Dylan and Sean emotionally hug

Sean emotionally bids farewell to his son. As Dylan and Violet head towards the tram, he tells him mum he really doesn’t want to leave. But will she reconsider?

9. Ed catches a break

Debbie smiles at Ed in Coronation Street

Debbie offers Ed the job as handyman at the hotel. He gratefully accepts and is pleased things are looking up.

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