Composite image of Peter and Carla, Bethany Platt and Daisy Midgeley on Corrie (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street Christmas preview: 8 spoilers for the festive season as Peter prepares to leave

It's going to be an explosive Christmas in Weatherfield

Our latest Coronation Street spoilers can reveal that, as Jenny Connor and Daisy Midgeley prepare to buy the Rovers, Daisy remains determined to win a heartbroken Daniel back.

Elsewhere, Peter leaves Weatherfield just as Bethany and Damon return. Elsewhere, Paul faces the prospect of his last Christmas, while Ed’s gambling habit continues to spiral out of control.

And the return of a face from her past leaves Carla reeling.

Read all of these Christmas Coronation Street spoilers and more below.

Coronation Street spoilers

Jenny and Daisy talking excitedly on Corrie
Jenny and Daisy have big plans (Credit: ITV)

1. Jenny and Daisy are set on the Rovers

Jenny and Daisy are determined to raise the money to buy back the Rovers Return. Resorting to increasingly desperate measures, the pair will do anything to win the Rovers back.

But will Jenny and Daisy be successful in their mission?

Daisy looks worried on Corrie
Can Daisy win back Daniel? (Credit: ITV)

2. Daisy tries to win back Daniel

Following Daisy’s affair with Ryan, Daniel has turned his back on her. However, Daisy refuses to give up, and hopes to win Daniel back.

Will she and Daniel be kissing under the mistletoe again?

Carla talks to Peter, who looks upset, on Corrie
The end is nigh for Peter (Credit: ITV)

3. Peter leaves Weatherfield

Peter continues to struggle with his demons after killing Stephen. Tempted by the bottle and struggling with Carla’s devotion to the factory, his exit from Weatherfield beckons.

But will Peter’s exit come at the expense of her marriage? Or can Peter and Carla look forward to a future together?

Ed talks to Dee Dee and Michael on Corrie
Can Ed get his gambling under control? (Credit: ITV)

4. Ed’s gambling spirals out of control

Meanwhile, Ed struggles to contain his urges to gamble again.  The unexpected arrival of his dad, Sarge, does little to help matters.

With his habit getting the better of him, Ed descends to an all-new low which will impacts the whole Bailey family.

Paul sitting at home on Corrie
Paul faces his last Christmas (Credit: ITV)

5. The Winter-Browns prepare for Paul’s last Christmas

With Bernie behind bars, Gemma and Paul are struggling with the prospect of it also being his last Christmas.

As Paul and Billy battle to make every moment count, Gemma struggles with relationships at home in the wake of the accusations about her parenting.

In true Winter-Brown style, the families pull together to make it a Christmas to remember. Can they save Christmas?

Bethany talking to Daisy on Coronation Street
Bethany is back! (Credit: ITV)

6. Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany returns to Weatherfield

Bethany Platt returns to the street for a surprise visit. But is there more to her sudden arrival than a family catch up?

And will she turn the head of ex Daniel?

Damon in The Bistro on Corrie
Damon returns with a bee in his bonnet (Credit: ITV)

7. Damon’s back in town… and after revenge

After spending New Year’s Eve with estranged husband Adam it looks as though Sarah’s marriage could be back on track.

But just as the pair begin to reconcile, Damon explodes back onto the cobbles – determined to take his revenge on Adam and win back the love of his life.

But what does Damon have planned for them both?

Carla talking to Bobby on Corrie
Carla has an unexpected visitor (Credit: ITV)

8. Carla is thrown by a blast from the past

Carla‘s already complicated life is thrown into chaos when her nephew Bobby comes knocking on her door.

Is Bobby just what stressed-out Carla needs – or is whirlwind Bobby about to cause even more chaos?

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