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Coronation Street splits up Steve and Tracy and fans despair: ‘It’s criminal’

Should the soap icons have split?

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Fans of Coronation Street were left feeling shell-shocked last night as the soap split up Steve and Tracy McDonald, following her ongoing affair with Tommy Orpington.

This came only hours after Steve had attempted to revitalise things between them by asking if she would renew their vows. Although Tracy accepted, she was dropped in it by Tim – who told Steve all about her affair with Tommy O.

As Steve learned of Tracy’s affair, he confronted his wife. However, he was left reeling when she then dumped him – bemoaning the lack of excitement in their marriage – by comparing him to, uh, a blouse.

Tracy tells Steve it's over on Corrie
Tracy kicked a heartbroken Steve to the curb last night (Credit: ITV)

Tracy dumps Steve as he learns about her affair

While Steve did try to fight for his wife, it seemed as though her mind had been made up. Afterwards, he angrily confronted Tommy, telling him how betrayed he felt by his former hero.

He then told Tim that he’d been the one to dump Tracy, as he shared the news of his marriage’s collapse.

It seems as though it really is over between Steve and Tracy – and fans aren’t exactly over the moon about it.

Steve looking upset on Corrie
Poor Steve! (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans upset as Steve and Tracy separate

Writing on X as last night’s episode aired, a number of fans shared their thoughts on the break-up of the Street icons. And many weren’t happy about it, given the pair’s long and tumultuous history as a couple.

“How could they split Steve and Tracy up? Criminal,” said one dismayed fan.

“Over 30 years Tracy has loved Steve. This storyline is [bleep],” wrote another.

“Why split up Tracy and Steve like… why couldn’t you have just left them alone?” asked a third.

“Can’t believe they are breaking up Tracy and Steve,” another commented, glumly.

Is this really the end for Steve and Tracy? Or might there be hope on the horizon for the soap icons?

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