Coronation Street: First look at Ryan Connor’s scars

The extent of the damage is revealed

Coronation Street has released a first look at Ryan Connor’s scars, as the aftermath of Justin’s acid attack is finally revealed. Ryan is currently recovering in hospital after being doused by Daisy Midgeley’s stalker.

Recent Corrie scenes have seen Ryan struggling with his injuries – with doctors unwilling to release him from hospital until he’d taken a look at his scars. Upcoming episodes will see the bandages removed as Ryan surveys his wounds. But how will he react?

Ryan looks in the mirror at his scars on Coronation Street
With Carla at his side, Ryan takes his first look at his own scars (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers reveal first look at Ryan’s scars

Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Ryan is to disappear after looking at his scars for the first time. Unable to face the reality of his situation, Ryan packs a bag and leaves the hospital.

Carla and Daisy later find Ryan at the train station, clearly traumatised. Later, Daisy tells Carla that she can’t bring herself to tell Ryan that Crystal – who had previously offered him work in Ibiza – wants nothing to do with him.

While walking around the hospital with Carla, Ryan finds himself struggling with his injuries – paranoid that staff and bystanders are staring and laughing at him.

Will Ryan be able to recover from his injuries?

A scarred Ryan looks distraught on Coronation Street
How will Ryan come to terms with his injuries? (Credit: ITV)

Ryan Prescott discusses Ryan’s injuries

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Ryan Prescott – who plays Ryan Connor on the soap – spoke of his reaction to his scars. “For Ryan, I don’t think he expects it to be as bad as it is,” he said.

“He has never seen major burns before so he doesn’t know what to expect and because he has been in bandages for so long he gets into a little comfortable zone with just wearing the bandages.”

“Once his facial injuries are revealed to him, it knocks it right out of him again. The initial glances are heartbreaking.”

He continued: “The first time he sees his face, he is thinking, “I am never going to have love in my life again. I am going to be the one that people look at in the street.”

Ryan looks at himself in a mirror on Coronation Street
The make-up artists worked in conjunction with real burns victims to accurately portray Ryan’s injuries (Credit: ITV)

Corrie make-up artist reveals challenges of portraying Ryan’s injuries

In crafting Ryan’s injuries, Coronation Street make-up head Gillian Walsh worked closely with Paul Blakewood, Charge Nurse at a Regional Burns Unit.

Discussing their work, Gillian said: “Paul showed me some real images from the ward so I was able to see the colour and shape
of burns… What I found out quite quickly was that every person and every skin tone burns slightly differently.”

She continued: “Paul was also on hand to do all of Ryan’s bandages; we normally do all of our bandages, plasters and stitches ourselves but we felt because this was such a sensitive story that we wanted to make sure we did it properly. Paul also stayed with the makeup team on set.”

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