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Coronation Street desperate for gay affair for Ryan

The pair's chemistry was off the charts

Fans of Coronation Street have predicted that a gay affair could be on the cards for Ryan Connor. Highlighting the ‘unmatched’ sexual tension between Ryan and his screenmate, viewers have previously wondered whether a major twist might be ahead.

And recent scenes have done nothing to quell viewers appetite for Daniel and Ryan to get together.

This came as Ryan and Daniel have grown noticeably closer. As they shared a number of scenes together, Daniel has been a support to Ryan. He’s even asked him to give a talk at the STC, which went very well.

Ryan and Daniel at a meal while Daisy looks on in Corrie
Daisy played third wheel as Ryan and Daniel enjoyed some time together (Credit: ITV)

Ryan and Daniel spark affair rumours as they share a romantic meal together

It was last month that Daniel and Ryan started sharing more scenes together. As they talked things over and shared a meal at the Bistro., the pair seemed to be enjoying one another’s company.

At one point, Ryan even fed Daniel some food from his plate. Fans were left shocked at the lads’ palpable chemistry.

And now, during scenes at the STC, it’s clear Daniel and Ryan have a bond. But with both men after Daisy it seems that’s not the direction people want the love triangle to take.

Is an affair on the cards for Ryan and Daniel?

Coronation Street fans predict affair for Ryan and Daniel

Writing on Twitter last month several fans commented on Ryan and Daniel‘s obvious chemistry. Some wondered – albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner – whether the pair could hook up.

“Ryan and Daniel affair when? The sexual tension is unmatched,” said one fan.

“Daniel is more into Ryan than Daisy,” another commented.

“Ryan and Daniel affair! The way he fed him that chorizo,” said a third.

“I ship Ryan and Daniel so much!!” another fan wrote.

And after Monday night (October 16), fans are still seeing the chemistry. They think it would be a much more interesting twist than a Daisy and Ryan affair.

“Can the writers make Ryan and Daniel bisexual? Daisy is boring and the guys got more chemistry with each other. British soaps rarely let male characters be bisexual. But Ryan and Daniel they just click they look so good together.”

“When are Daniel and Ryan gonna get together?” queried one more.

Another agreed: “Ryan and Daniel are hot they would make a cute gay couple. Ryan has better chemistry with Daniel than Daisy.”

Could Ryan and Daniel’s off-the-charts chemistry leave Daisy out in the cold?

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