Aadi and Courtney kissing on Corrie against show logo and Rovers background (Credit; ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street fans predict twist in Aadi’s affair with Courtney

Is there more going on with Aadi's older woman than meets the eyeful?

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Fans of Coronation Street have predicted that there could be a shock twist in store for Aadi Alahan and his affair with cougar Courtney.

Last week’s episodes saw Dev go into business with entrepreneur Darren. On Dev’s recommendatopinioion, Darren also hired Aadi, as his assistant.

Courtney flirting with Aadi on Corrie
Courtney wasted no time in seducing Aadi (Credit: ITV)

Aadi’s affair with Courtney continues

Soon after meeting Darren’s wife, Courtney, Aadi embarked upon an affair with the older woman. This continued this week, as Courtney continued to seduce young Aadi.

In Monday night’s episode (July 24), Amy walked in on Aadi and Courtney in a state of undress, and quickly deduced what they had been up to. But will Aadi come to regret hooking up with Courtney?

Amy looks on at Aadi and Courtney, both in a state of undress on Corrie
Amy caught Aadi and Courtney in the act (Credit: ITV)

Is Aadi being scammed by Courtney and Darren?

A number of fans think so – with many suggesting that Aadi could be falling victim to a scam by Darren and Courtney. Fans shared these theories on Twitter last night, as the episode aired.

“It’s revolting, if Aadi was being like she is, she would quite rightly hate it! I think Courtney and Darren are out to scam Dev and they’re using poor Aadi to do so,” wrote one fan.

Replying to this tweet, another wrote: “It doesn’t add up – in Classic Corrie Dev is a really astute businessman who demands to see the books and tends to be very wary when he invests into a business. Now they’ve got him planning to sell up to invest with this scam artist.”

“Oh Aadi, she is not right for you! And I am certain this is part of the scam,” another viewer wrote.

“So Darren and Courtney are using the father and son to scam them,” said one viewer as the storyline began last week.

Are Dev and Aadi being scammed by Courtney and Darren?

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Aadi and Courtney Kiss | Coronation Street

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