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Coronation Street cast 2022 faces dramatic storylines and personal turmoil

All the characters currently in Corrie

The Coronation Street cast 2022 are in the grips of some dramatic storylines right now.

But who will make it out of the year alive? And who is appearing on-screen currently?

Read on to find out and remember, we also have more in-depth profiles on individual characters – just click on the link on their name to read more about them.

Coronation Street cast 2022

Corrie Aadi is shocked to see the car crashed into a bollard
Aadi is involved with Kelly (Credit: ITV)

Aadi Alahan

The son of Dev Alahan and the late Sunita Alahan, Aadi, played by Adam Hussain, has a twin sister, Asha.

Growing up fast, he’s started to butt heads with both his father and sister.

A relationship with Summer Spellman ended when she fell for Daniel Osbourne, but Aadi still holds a torch for her. However after she let him take the fall for cheating, he might turn his attention elsewhere.

He managed to woo Kelly Neelan and the couple embarked on a sweet romance, even getting engaged.

However, when she vowed revenge on Gary Windass for killing her dad, things went too far and Aadi was the one who ended up shot.

Despite vowing he still loved her, she said she was too toxic to stay and left Aadi heartbroken.

Coronation Street Aaron and Summer talk on a bench in Victoria Garden
Things are moving quickly for Aaron and Summer (Credit: ITV)

Aaron Sandford

Newcomer Aaron Sandford, played by James Craven, is the boyfriend of Summer Spellman.

They met at her diabetes support group, but when she confessed she had an eating disorder, Aaron backed off and decided they should only meet at their group.

Summer was left distraught, but he later confessed he also suffered from an eating disorder.

He was also hiding the terrible secret that his alcholoic father beats him, but that soon came tumbling out.

And now Summer is pregnant with his baby and he needs £10k to send his dad to rehab. So Summer comes up with a plan to sell their child…

Abi’s been through a lot (Credit: ITV)

Abi Webster

Reformed drug addict Abi Webster, played by Sally Carman joined the Coronation Street cast in 2017 and is the mother of the late Seb Franklin, and twins who she gave up for adoption.

She found love with Kevin Webster, but was left heartbroken when Seb was murdered by Corey Brent.

Abi married Kevin last year and he is trying to support her through her grief. She was surprised at Christmas by a visit from her twins, leaving her thrilled.

But after a gun rampage against Seb’s killer Corey and an ill-advised one-night stand with Imran Habeeb, Abi’s worldcame crashing down again.

Abi fell back into addiction, split from Kevin and gave birth in March 2022 without even knowing she was pregnant.

She lost custody of baby Alfie to his biological dad Imran, but with Imran now dead, Abi has got her son back, but under the supervision of Wendy Crozier.

Abi has now returned home.

Coronation Street Adam thinks Sarah is thawing but she's filed for divorce
Adam’s had a rough few months (Credit: ITV)

Adam Barlow

Samuel Robertson plays smouldering Adam Barlow, the son of Susan Barlow and Mike Baldwin.

He was born off-screen in 1988 and appeared on the show several times until returning full-time to the Coronation Street cast in 2016.

Adam’s a solicitor who has a devious streak and a way with the ladies, although he appears to have calmed his ways after falling for and marrying Sarah Platt.

But his past definitely returned to bite him in the form of ex Lydia Chambers.

She stalked him and managed to briefly split Adam and Sarah up by convincing Sarah they were having an affair.

After a violent altercation ended in Adam being rushed to hospital and under threat of losing his sight, Lydia left when Sarah reported her to the police.

Adam and Sarah are reunited, but how long for this time?

Nurse Aggie has become an integral part of the cobbles community (Credit: ITV)

Aggie Bailey

Aggie first moved to Coronation Street in 2019 with her husband Ed and sons Michael and James.

She is played by actress Lorna Laidlaw.

Aggie works as a nurse and took on her formidable boss Mr Thorne recently.

She’s also been a rock for Tim Metcalfe during his heart problems.

Aled Winter-Brown

Aled is one of Gemma and Chesney’s quadruplets.

Ches and Gemma discovered he is deaf. He is the half-brother of Joseph and brother of Bryn, Carys and Llio.

Alex Warner

Liam Bairstow plays the nephew of Cathy Matthews, Alex. He is the first actor with Down’s Syndrome to appear on the show.

Quick-witted Alex works in Roy’s Rolls and has bonded with Roy. He’s quite the fan favourite too.

Alfie Franklin

Little Alfie’s start in life was dramatic given addict mother, Abi, didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Alfie was born prematurely but he’s out of hospital and currently in foster care after his dad Imran was killed and stepmum Toyah was arrested for it.

Abi and Kevin are planning to battle for custody, but will they get it?

Coronation Street Jan 17 Alya tells Yasmeen she’s proud of her for donating the £30k to Joseph’s appeal. Yasmeen refuses to be drawn and Alya’s left hurt.
Alya is a good person at heart (Credit: ITV)

Alya Nazir

Sair Khan plays strong-willed Alya, who has a head for business and is determined to go places.

She first arrived in Weatherfield in 2014 and inherited the factory from former business partner Aidan Connor.

Alya eventually handed back control to Carla Connor, and now runs Speed Daal.

After brother Zeedan returned, Alya was fuming to find out he was laundering cash for his former father-in-law, Hashim.

When Hashim had a heart attack in front of them, Alya didn’t call an ambulance and he died.

Yasmeen wanted nothing to do with them when she found out what they had done, but things have softened.

Alya is now battling to save her business after supporting Stu while he worked to get his murder conviction quashed.

Tracy Barlow’s daughter was never going to be meek and mild! (Credit: ITV)

Amy Barlow

Daughter of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow, Amy is a chip off Tracy’s block.

Sharp-tongued and devious, Amy knows how to work her parents to her advantage.

Elle Mulvaney has played Amy since 2004.

Amy fell pregnant at 14, met and bonded with a long-lost sister, Emma, and suffered the pain of losing little brother Oliver.

Amy is dating Jacob Hay, a reformed drug dealer.

Coronation Street Feb 9 Asha is concerned about Nina
Will Asha and Nina last? (Credit: ITV)

Asha Alahan

Sister of Aadi, Asha is Dev and Sunita’s other child.

Tanisha Gorey plays the teen and has been through a lot over the last few years.

She was horrified when she discovered her former boyfriend Corey Brent attacked Nina and Seb.

She plotted with Nina and Abi to find evidence to get him arrested.

Asha fell for Nina and the pair decided to give things a go.

But Nina’s PTSD has caused some problems for the pair. Can they overcome it?

It’s been a tough few months for Audrey (Credit: ITV)

Audrey Roberts

Gail’s mum, Audrey Roberts, played by Sue Nicholls, first appeared in 1982 and became a regular character in 1985.

Her beloved husband Alf died following a stroke in 1999, and she has since remained largely single.

She owned and ran the Street salon for years, and now she owns the barbers, but Maria Connor and David Platt run it.

Audrey’s last dalliance with romance was with bounder Lewis Archer but she found him dead on their bedroom floor.

Audrey tried to take her own life recently.

After confessing to her friends, Audrey has started taking anti-depressants and wants to reopen the salon. But can she get herself back to her best?

And how will she feel when she finds out her son, Stephen is a wrong-un?

Coronation Street Feb 18 Bernie makes a comment about Dev to Linda
She’s loud and brash and funny! (Credit: ITV)

Bernie Winter

Bernie first arrived in Weatherfield in 2019 when Gemma was pregnant with the quads.

She is the mother of Gemma and Paul Foreman. She is played by actress Jane Hazlegrove.

Bernie is in a relationship with Dev, but still scamming for cash. She was recently framed for robbery after her look-a-like Fern stole her identity to rob a jewellers. Can Bernie clear her name?

The offspring of Daniel and the late Sinead Osbourne is called Bertie (Credit: ITV)

Bertie Osbourne

Bertie is the son of Daniel and Sinead Osbourne.

Sinead died towards the end of 2019 just before Bertie turned one.

Coronation Street: Beth tells Faye Craig isn't ready for a baby leaving Faye shocked
She’s not got a reputation for being subtle! (Credit: ITV)

Beth Sutherland

Aunty of Sinead Tinker, mother of Craig Tinker, and partner of Kirk Sutherland, Beth, played by Lisa George, arrived on the cobbles in 2011.

She works in the factory and is never afraid of a scam or two – she married Kirk despite already having a husband!

Despite her mouthiness, she can be sensitive and took the death of Sinead to cancer very badly.

However, she’s not been quite so understanding about Faye Windass’ early menopause diagnosis, suggesting her son Craig dump his girlfriend because she can’t have kids.

Coronation Street Dec 13 Billy and Paul take Summer to the Bistro
Vicar Billy (Credit: ITV)

Billy Mayhew

Vicar Billy Mayhew, played by Daniel Brocklebank, joined the Coronation Street cast in 2014 as Sean Tully’s love interest.

Unfortunately for Sean, Billy fell for Todd Grimshaw and the pair split up, but Todd and Billy didn’t work out either.

On Christmas Day 2017 Billy fell off a cliff after an altercation with Peter Barlow and spent a long time recovering after becoming addicted to painkillers.

He’s in a good place now and cares for Summer.

However he was shocked to discover she had an eating disorder, and even more so when he found out she was pregnant.

How will he feel when he finds out she’s set to sell her baby?

Coronation Street Brian looks surprised as he proposes
Cathy left Brian heartbroken (Credit: ITV)

Brian Packham

Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) first arrived in Weatherfield in 2010, and left in 2013, but was brought back in 2015 for a more permanent stint.

He ran the Kabin with Cathy Matthews, but had dreams of moving to Cornwall.

He even proposed to Cathy, but his efforts left her wanting and she ended up cheating on him then dumping him.

She left the street and Brian remains. But whether he’ll depart for Cornwall remains to be seen.

Bryn Winter-Brown

Bryn is another one of Chesney and Gemma’s quads.

He is the brother of Aled, Carys, Llio and half-brother of Joseph Brown.

Carla is played by Alison King (Credit: ITV)

Carla Barlow

Factory boss Carla Barlow (Alison King) first came to join the Coronation Street cast in 2006 and, despite leaving for a while, she returned for good in 2017.

She is close to Roy Cropper, and discovered her long-lost dad was Johnny Connor back in 2015.

Carla struggled with psychosis as a result of the factory roof collapse in 2019.

She and Peter have been through a lot, but got married last year.

Carla supported him when he tried to take on dodgy surgeon Henry Thorne.

Now she’s giving Stephen a chance at the factory, but is she right to be cautious of him?

Carys Winter-Brown

Carys is another one of Chesney and Gemma’s quads.

She is the sister of Aled, Bryn, Llio and half-brother of Joseph Brown.

Coronation Street Feb 18 Chesney admits life has been tough and Linda assures him she's there for him
Our Ches has grown up on the Street (Credit: ITV)

Chesney Brown

Loveable Chesney Brown first arrived as a nine-year-old in 2003 and actor Sam Aston has stuck around ever since.

He’s the brother of Fiz Stape and best mate of Kirk Sutherland and dad to young Joseph and quad babies.

Ches works in the kebab shop, is constantly broke and tired, but seems settled with partner Gemma.

He nearly lost Joseph last year when granny Linda offered to take the lad to Portugal with her. Feeling like a burden to his financially strapped father, Joseph agreed to go.

But fortunately, Ches managed to stop his son before he left and he has stayed where he belongs.

Colson Smith plays Craig (Credit: ITV)

Craig Tinker

Craig Tinker, played by Colson Smith, arrived with mum, Beth, and pet rat, Darryl, in 2011.

He was a rock to friend Bethany Platt during the fallout from the grooming storyline and the pair even tried dating for a while.

Craig received a diagnosis for OCD after he became obsessed with flicking switches, tapping and turning knobs repeatedly.

He was a committed policeman, but quit after discovering girlfriend Faye was responsible for killing a man. He has covered up her crime and got a job at the factory.

Craig eventually realised he couldn’t cut it away from his dream job and reapplied to the force.

Despite his career getting back on track, he was recently dealt another blow when Faye was diagnosed with early menopause. He has vowed to stand by her, despite the fact she can’t have any more children, but his overbearing attitude has begun to break.

Will his well-meaning, but thoughtless ways break them apart?

Corrie: Daisy is adamant she didn't reveal Nicky's past
Daniel’s accusations hurt Daisy deeply (Credit: ITV)

Daisy Midgeley

Daisy turned up in Weatherfield last year. She is the former stepdaughter of Jenny Connor.

She currently lives in the Rovers with Jenny.

Since arriving, she has proved to be trouble, splitting up Ryan and Alya.

But then she moved on with Daniel Osbourne. Despite being with him for the money, she ended up falling for him. However, they’ve been on and off more times than a tap.

They are (currently) back together and have recently moved in together. But with a mix-up over housing arrangements they have ended up living with Ken and Tracy – a recipe surely for disaster!

Ken’s youngest son, Daniel (Credit: ITV)

Daniel Osbourne

Daniel, the son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne, was born in 1995.

He left the show when Denise took him away from Ken following her affair, but returned in 2016 played by Rob Mallard.

Daniel pushed his father Ken down the stairs in 2017’s big whodunnit, and has battled his anger issues.

After marrying Sinead Tinker, and becoming a dad to baby Bertie, he appeared to calm down.

She then tragically died and Daniel went off the rails, proposing to Bethany with his late wife’s ring.

Daniel then got involved with Daisy Midgeley, but they broke up. However, they reunited and were happy until Nicky Wheatley returned.

Daisy got jealous, Daniel accused her of spreading rumours about Nicky’s past and everything blew up again.

Nicky admitted she wanted to be with Daniel. He rejected her. Now he’s back with Daisy. But for how long?

We can barely keep up!

The youngest Platt sibling is also the most sarcastic (Credit: ITV)

David Platt

David is the son of Gail Rodwell and Martin Platt, grandson of Audrey Roberts, and brother of Nick Tilsley and Sarah Platt.

He’s a dad to Lily and stepdad to Max following his marriage to Kylie Platt. Clayton Hibbs stabbed Kylie to death. His mother, Shona Ramsay, wed widower David.

David (Jack P Shepherd) faced deep trauma after Josh Tucker raped him in 2018.

He’s a lot more settled now, although Shona is a challenge after almost becoming a different person when she suffered a brain injury during the 2019 Christmas siege.

Meanwhile, stepson Max is a handful too, going off the rails and assaulting teacher Daniel Osbourne.

Dave Fairchild

Newcomer Dave Fairchild, played by Liam Delany, made his cobbles debut on Friday October 28.

He is a small part right now, but is set to become more prominent over the coming months as he grooms Max Turner.

Part of a radical far-right extremist group, Dave is not a good man.

Corrie Debbie looks confused while holding a cup of tea
Debbie’s got herself into quite the predicament (Credit: ITV)

Debbie Webster

After years away, Kev’s sister Debbie, played by Sue Devaney, came back a successful businesswoman and gave him some inheritance she’d received.

Immediately popular with viewers, Debbie seemed a good egg.

However, it was soon revealed she’d been working with Ray Crosby, who is now in prison, to redevelop the Street.

She turned on Ray, got hold of all of his businesses and now runs the Bistro, plus his luxury hotels.

But Deb has serious money issues. After Ed Bailey was electrocuted in her hotel she owed £30K compensation to him.

Debbie managed to persuade Ryan Connor to burgle the bistro in an insurance job. But when he was caught, she claimed she knew nothing, leaving Ryan to take the rap.

How long before the truth comes out? And how long before Debbie’s money worries finally catch up with her?

Coronation Street Dee-Dee
Newcomer Dee-Dee is a breath of fresh air (Credit: ITV)

Dee-Dee Bailey

The elusive daughter of Ed and Aggie Bailey arrived on the cobbles in September.

The apple of Aggie’s eye, Dee-Dee’s bright and bubbly exterior is hiding a hot-shot, highly successful lawyer.

She immediately managed to get brother James a better settlement from his football club after he was let go.

Dee-Dee had been living in America, but lonely, has decided to relocate to the Street.

A hit with the ladies from day one (Credit: ITV)

Dev Alahan

Corner shop and kebab shop owner Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) started on Corrie in 1999.

He’s been quite the ladies’ man during his time in Weatherfield, but he doesn’t always know how to treat the opposite sex properly.

He devotes his life to his twins, but unfortunately doesn’t always get it right.

And with his head turned by many a pretty woman, they often get left on the backburner.

Currently dating Bernie Winter, Dev is trying to help her clear her name.

Corrie Sean smiles as he talks to Frank and Dylan
Sean’s son Dylan did not get on with his boyfriend Frank (Credit: ITV)

Dylan Wilson

The son of Sean Tully and Violet Wilson, teenage Dylan regularly comes to stay with his dad.

Keen footballer Dylan got on the wrong side of Sean’s boyfriend Frank during his latest visit.

Frank lashed and Sean was horrified, dumping Frank immediately.

Ed looking annoyed Coronation Street
Builder Ed survived a recent brush with death (Credit: ITV)

Ed Bailey

Ed Bailey arrive in Weatherfield in 2019. He is played by Trevor Michael Georges.

Earlier this year his brother Ronnie turned up in Weatherfield and Ed was shocked to learn Ronnie thought he could be Michael’s father.

However a DNA test proved Ed is Michael’s father.

Ed recently survived a brush with death when he was electrocuted while working in Debbie’s hotel.

Thankfully he was okay, but was been left unable to work, meaning Debbie had to pay compensation – and she doesn’t have the cash…

Coronation Street Eileen sitting in the Rovers looking perplexed
Unlucky-in-love is an understatement where Eileen is concerned (Credit: ITV)

Eileen Grimshaw

Unlucky-in-love Eileen Grimshaw, played by Sue Cleaver, moved to Weatherfield with her sons Jason and Todd in 2000.

Her last marriage was to evil Pat Phelan and the less said about that, the better!

She’s in a relationship with George Shuttleworth, but his Christmas present of a bespoke funeral package didn’t hit quite the right note!

Now they are battling his sleep apnea and hoping they will be able to spend a peaceful night together.

Coronation Street 11 Feb Elaine turns on the film
Elaine is winding Sally up (Credit: ITV)

Elaine Jones

Tim’s mum, Elaine Jones, played by Paula Wilcox was presumed dead of cancer, but was revealed to be alive when Yasmeen Nazir was in prison for attacking husband Geoff.

Horrible Geoff had controlled and abused Elaine and scared her into running away and staying away.

She has since moved in with Tim and Sally to care for Tim after his heart operation, but Sally was not enjoying having her mother-in-law around!

She ended up suggesting Elaine went home, but she’s back and was instrumental in saving Audrey Roberts from a horror accident.

Elaine has also set her sights on Audrey’s son Stephen. Will romance blossom?

Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) is one of the longest-serving Coronation Street cast members, after appearing on screen for the first time in 1961.

She took a sabbatical from the show in 2016 and although no return date has been announced, Emily is still considered a cast member on the show.

Unable to have children, Esther has a proposition for Summer (Credit: ITV)

Esther Hargrave

Church-goer Esther, played by Vanessa Hehir, befriended Summer Spellman recently at a charity clothes drive.

It soon became clear Esther was hiding heartbreak: she’s unable to have children.

Desperate to be a mother, she has offered to buy pregnant teen Summer’s baby. Billy found out and threw Esther out, but Summer is set to take Esther up on the offer.

It means Esther will be sticking around for a while as she pays £10k to make sure she gets the child.

What could possibly go wrong?

Acid-tongued Evelyn is a Coronation Street breath of fresh air (Credit: ITV)

Evelyn Plummer

Maureen Lipman joined the Coronation Street cast as Evelyn Plummer in 2018.

Sharp-tongued Evelyn is the long-lost grandmother of Tyrone Dobbs, and despite her nasty demeanour, she’s managed to charm him into letting her live with him.

And, now she’s let her guard down, there’s a definite soft centre. She’s still at her best with the sharp one-liners though.

Evelyn recently left the cobbles for a break, but never fear she will be back – and we can’t wait!

Faye in Coronation Street looking concerned
It’s tough going for Faye right now (Credit: ITV)

Faye Windass

Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leach, is Anna Windass’s adoptive daughter who arrived in 2011.

She had a daughter of her own, Miley, when she was just 13 years old, but Miley now lives with her birth father and is rarely mentioned.

Faye went to prison after attacking Adam Barlow, thinking it was her boss Ray Crosby who had sexually assaulted her.

She was released when Ray admitted what he did, but Faye was faced with being locked up again when she knocked over and killed pensioner Ted then covered it up. She got away with it, though.

Faye was recently overjoyed to find she was pregnant, but when she went for a scan it revealed there was no pregnancy. And further tests confirmed she was suffering an early menopause.

Boyfriend Craig has been too attentive and it’s pushed her into the arms of Michael Bailey. But will Craig and Faye make it through?

Coronation Street Fiz looks absolutely furious
Much-loved Fiz has had quite the character change since arriving on the street (Credit: ITV)

Fiz Stape

Fiz, played by Jennie McAlpine, is the mother to Hope Stape and stepdaughter Ruby Dobbs.

She works in the factory.

Earlier this year she and Tyrone Dobbs split up after many years together as he had fallen for Alina Pop.

Fiz moved on with new man Phill, but it all went wrong when his secret book-writing antics were exposed.

However, she forgave him and they got married.

But at the wedding reception she realised she still loved Ty, dumped Phill and went back to her cheating ex.

Things were settled for about five minutes until she discovered someone was writing a book about her evil ex, John Stape.

The Street without Gail is no street at all (Credit: ITV)

Gail Rodwell

Gail Potter/Tilsley/Platt/Hillman/McIntyre/Rodwell (Helen Worth) must hold the record for the most disastrous soap marriages, with all but one of her husbands now dead.

Currently single, Gail has children Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt, and David Platt, and grandchildren, Max, Lily, Bethany, Harry and Sam.

Gail left for Thailand, but returned to the cobbles in September 2021 to pay her respects to Norris Cole following his death.

She is currently concerned about her mum, Audrey, and generally busy-bodying around her family.

Is Gary good or bad? (Credit: ITV)

Gary Windass

Gary Windass came to the Street in 2008 with his family, but he’s now the only one remaining, except adoptive sister, Faye.

The builder used to shack up with Sarah Platt, but in 2017 he had a one-night stand with Nicola Rubenstein and fathered a son, Zach, with her.

He’s also dad to Jake with former partner Izzy Armstrong.

Gary, now married to Maria Connor, has become something of a criminal, having killed loan shark Rick and buried him in the woods.

However, he’s supposedly reformed and took in Rick’s daughter, Kelly.

But he allowed Kelly to believe her late mum, Laura, killed her dad.

When he rescued Kelly from kidnappers, she saw a glimpse of Gary’s dark side, and soon enough found out the truth.

Kelly paid some thugs to have Gary killed, but quickly changed her mind. Her rescue mission ended in threats on her own life and after a shootout, Kelly decided to leave town to get away.

Gary was sad to see her go, but relieved to have got away with Rick’s murder once again.

Loud, brash, but loveable is Gemma (Credit: ITV)

Gemma Winter

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) was an old friend of Kylie Platt when she turned up to cause trouble.

But she’s since turned over a new leaf, befriended Rita, and made a home for herself on the Street.

She worked in the kebab shop for a while and fell in love with Chesney Brown, with whom she shares four babies.

She now works in the Rovers.

Coronation Street: Angry Eileen confronts George
George and Eileen are happy for now (Credit: ITV)

George Shuttleworth

Tony Maudsley plays George Shuttleworth and he joined the Coronation Street cast in September 2020.

He is the son of the late Archie Shuttleworth, who has inherited his funeral parlour.

Currently romancing Eileen Grimshaw the couple are dealing with his sleep apnea diagnosis.

Jodie Prenger in Coronation Street
Glenda has arrived on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

Glenda Shuttleworth

Larger-than-life cruise ship singer Glenda Shuttleworth arrived on the cobbles in August with a bang.

Brilliantly played by Jodie Prenger, Glenda is absolutely everything the show needs and more.

Helping Sean with his love life and teaming up with Mary Taylor are just two of her brilliant moves.

We can’t wait for more!

Glory Bailey

Eleanor Beckles plays the baby daughter of Michael Bailey and Grace Vickers.

Grace abandoned her daughter after leaving her home alone and left Michael and his family to care for her.

Griff is not a nice guy (Credit: ITV)

Griff Reynolds

Radical activist Griff Reynolds, played by Michael Condron, is under survellience by undercover police officer Spider Nugent.

As far as everyone else is concerned Griff and Spider share similar views and are involved in protests together. Peter and Toyah have also taken a shine to Griff.

However, after attending a gig with Griff and Spider, Peter soon left realising Griff was racist.

Spider wants out, but his boss has insisted Griff is about to do something big and lives are on the line.

And as Max Turner is groomed by Griff, it looks like Spider could be Max’s only hope…

Harry Platt

Harry Platt is the son of Sarah Platt and Callum Logan.

Callum died in 2015.

Harry lives with Sarah and his stepfather Adam Barlow.

Harry is played by twins Freddie and Isaac Rhodes.

Coronation Street Harvey in prison
Evil Harvey is back to cause trouble (Credit: ITV)

Harvey Gaskell

Drug kingpin Harvey Gaskell groomed Simon Barlow into dealing drugs for him.

When Leanne found out, she took over Simon’s duties, but actually reported Harvey to the police. She testified against him and he was sent to jail.

However, Harvey escaped last Halloween and hunted Leanne down.

In a tragic case of mistaken identity, he shot and killed Natasha Blakeman.

Harvey was hauled back to prison, where he remains, but recently Natasha’s son, Sam, has been writing to him wanting answers over his mother’s death.

Will Harvey give them to him? And is his reappearance only going to cause even more trouble?

Hope has a bad, bad streak (Credit: ITV)

Hope Stape

The biological daughter of Fiz Stape and killer John Stape, Hope Stape is seriously troubled.

She was raised by Fiz and Tyrone Dobbs, who she sees as her father.

Hope has had some behavioural issues and was sent to a school with a behaviour unit.

At the school she met Jade Rowan, who turned out to be her paternal half-sister.

Hope has a habit of starting fires and started one that resulted in Alina losing her baby.

Hope found out newest stepdad Phill was writing a book about her dad, and went nuts. She smashed his car with a digger!

Hope also tried to sabotage Fiz and Phill’s wedding to reunite Fiz and Tyrone. She got her wish, but will that make her happy?

Hope is played by Isabella Flanagan, who is the real life twin-sister of William Flanagan, who plays Joseph.

Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street promo pic
Where is Izzy in Coronation Street? (Credit: ITV)

Izzy Armstrong

Izzy Armstrong, played by Cherylee Houston was heralded as the soap’s first regular disabled character when she arrived in 2010.

She works in the factory, is mum to Jake, and is the only remaining member of the Armstrong family.

Izzy struggled terribly during the pandemic.

Recently fans have been worried about where she is as she hasn’t been seen on screen for months.

Jacob is reformed (Credit: ITV)

Jacob Hay

Drug dealer Jacob Hay, played by Jack James Ryan, first recruited Simon Barlow into evil Harvey’s ring of dealers.

But once Harvey was in prison, Jacob came back, reformed and began dating Amy Barlow.

Has the leopard really changed its spots, however?

Kevin’s son Jack was the product of an affair (Credit: ITV)

Jack Webster

Kevin’s son with the late Molly Dobbs was born in 2010. He’s been played by Kyran Bowes since 2016.

Jack’s biggest storyline to date came in 2018 when he battled sepsis and had to have his leg amputated.

He’s just about to find out he was the product of an affair between his mum and dad and it hits him hard.

Can he accept Kevin and Abi’s rekindled romance, as well as a new baby brother, and deal with his big revelation?

Or is Jack set for a huge meltdown?

Jake Windass

Jake Windass is the biological son of Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong.

However Tina McIntyre was their surrogate and she gave birth to Jake.

Jake usually lives with mum Izzy.

Coronation Street Dec 27 Jenny gets an offer from Leo, but worries she's too old for him
Will dating a younger man prove tricky for Jenny? (Credit: ITV)

Jenny Connor

Jenny, played by Sally Ann Matthews, arrived in Weatherfield in 1986 as the foster daughter of Rita Tanner.

She left, then returned in 2015 as Kevin Webster’s new girlfriend. They split up when Jenny had a breakdown and kidnapped his son, Jack, after revealing the death of her own young son.

She got help and returned before marrying Johnny Connor and taking over as landlady of the Rovers Return in 2018.

After cheating on Johnny with Ronnie, the couple decided to split. However she bought the Rovers off Johnny and was with him when he died last year.

Jenny moved on with Leo Thompkins. He was much younger than her and Jenny was shocked to discover her dad was an old school friend.

Despite this, they decided to move to Canada together, but drunk Jenny ended up sharing a kiss with Stephen Reid.

Leo found out and it looked like he went to Canada without her, but viewers know Leo is actually dead after being killed by Stephen!

Young Joseph almost left for Portugal (Credit: ITV)

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown is the son of Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong.

After Katy died in a car accident in Portugal in 2017, he came back to Weatherfield to live with Chesney.

He is played by William Flanagan.

Earlier this year he planned to move to Portugal with his gran, Linda, but Chesney persuaded him to stay on the cobbles.

Ken’s the longest serving cast member (Credit: ITV)

Ken Barlow

Played by William Roache, who is the longest-serving member of the Coronation Street cast, Ken Barlow was in the first episode when it aired on December 9, 1960.

Appearing as the educated son of a working class family, Ken is moralistic and politically minded, although he has often been referred to as boring.

Boring or not, he’s bagged himself three wives over the years, plus a long-term relationship with Denise Osbourne.

He’s recently reconnected with old lover Wendy Crozier – and Tracy is not happy about it! Can Ken and Wendy talk her round?

Coronation Street Dec 22 Kevin's worried as he takes a secret phone call
Are Abi and Kevin meant to be? (Credit: ITV)

Kevin Webster

Mechanic Kevin Webster, played by Michael Le Vell, runs the local garage. He’s been married to Sally Metcalfe on and off over the years (currently off) and has two kids with her – Rosie and Sophie Webster.

Kevin had an affair with Molly Dobbs and their son Jack was born in 2010.

Kev was due to marry Abi Franklin, but just before the wedding they were given the terrible news Abi’s son Seb had been attacked.

Seb later died leaving Abi heartbroken.

Abi and Kevin later made it down the aisle and he supported her through her grief.

But he found out she had cheated and broke things off. It was made worse when Abi had Imran’s baby.

Though Kev realised he still loved her and he was being a huge hypocrite.

They reunited and Abi and baby Alfie have returned home.

Kirky is loveable (Credit: ITV)

Kirk Sutherland

Adorable Kirk is the brother of Maria Connor and partner of Beth Tinker.

He arrived in 2000 and works in the factory as a packer.

Andy Whyment has played him for 18 years.

Coronation Street Laurence and Sean enjoy themselves at a date in the Bistro
Handsome dentist Laurence wooed Sean (Credit: ITV)

Laurence Reeves

Robert Shaw Cameron joined the cast as Laurence Reeves in August.

The handsome dentist met Sean Tully at a funeral and they instantly hit it off.

Sean got cold feet ahead of their first date, but eventually turned up and it seemed he was on to a winner.

But it soon became clear Laurence was hiding something – and low and behold it looks like Laurence has a wife. What’s the real story, however?

Actress Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby
Jane Danson plays Leanne Battersby (Credit: ITV)

Leanne Battersby

Leanne Battersby, played by Jane Danson, first came to Corrie in 1997. She left in 2000, but returned for good in 2004.

She’s since been married to both Peter Barlow and Nick Tilsley and has an adopted son, Simon Barlow, plus a biological son with Steve McDonald, Oliver.

Little Oliver died from Mitochondrial disease in 2020.

She currently lives with Nick, Simon and has begun to grow closer to Nick’s son, Sam, who he found out about in 2020.

She battled to save her sister, Toyah, from prison and was pleased to be successful.

But now Harvey, who groomed Simon into dealing drugs for him and threatened Leanne’s life, is back on the scene. How will she cope?

Coronation Street Liam Connor Jr takes deep breaths as he has an asthma attack
Young Liam suffers from asthma (Credit: ITV)

Liam Connor Jr

Liam Connor Jr is the son of the late Liam Connor and Maria Connor. He is played by actor Charlie Wrenshall.

He recently had an asthma attack sending Maria on a mission to reduce air pollution on the Street.

Lily Platt

Lily Platt is the daughter of David Platt and Kylie Platt. She is also the half-sister of Max Turner.

Kylie died in 2016. Her dad David went on to marry Shona Platt, making her Lily’s stepmum.

Lily is played by Brooke Malonie.

Llio Winter-Brown

Llio is Chesney and Gemma’s daughter, also one of the quadruplets.

Councillor Connor, Maria is fighting to environmental fight (Credit: ITV)

Maria Connor

Actress Samia Longchambon joined the Coronation Street cast as Maria Connor in 2000.

She married Liam Connor, but he died leaving her a widow and single mother to their son, Liam Junior.

Maria has had many ill-fated romances since then. She is currently married to Gary Windass.

She was recently voted on to local council to campaign for cleaner air.

But her policies have made her several enemies. She’s been subjected to a vicious online abuse campaign as well as being tracked.

Quirky Mary isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (Credit: ITV)

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor became Mary Cole when she married Norris in a fake wedding for a competition, but she had always harboured secret feelings for Norris.

Played by Patti Clare since 2008, Mary has a son, Jude Appleton, who she gave birth to after being raped in her teens. They were close for a while but he betrayed her.

She works in the florist and has a strange friendship with Tracy Barlow.

Mary and newcomer Glenda’s double act has thrilled fans of late – more please, Coronation Street!

He’s turning out to be quite the handful, Max (Credit: ITV)

Max Turner

Max Turner is the son of Kylie Platt and Callum Logan. However he views his stepfather David as his father.

Callum died in 2015 and Kylie died in 2016. He still lives with David, stepmum Shona and sister Lily.

Paddy Bever took over the role of Max in September 2021 and Max is out of control.

It looked like he was calming down for a while, with his behaviour and grades improving.

But he is set to be groomed by a radical extremist gang and be drawn into a murky far-right world.

Can anyone save him?

The eldest Bailey borther, Michael! (Credit: ITV)

Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is the oldest son of Ed and Aggie Bailey. He is played by Ryan Russell.

Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Grace, made him believe the child she was nannying for was actually his daughter. He then found out she was genuinely pregnant with his child.

This year, Grace gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Glory.

Grace sold Glory to her in-laws and left the cobbles late last year, leaving Michael a single father.

Mike Hargrave

Tom Lorcan plays Mike Hargrave, the husband of Esther.

Desperate to be a family, Mike is willing to go along with the plan of buying Summer’s baby as he and his wife can’t have kids.

Coronation Street Nick tells Roy Sam has to take a break from chess
He’s changed faces over the years, but Nick’s been around Coronation Street for a long time (Credit: ITV)

Nick Tilsley

The character of Nick Tilsley has had many faces since he was born in 1980, but he’s currently played by Ben Price.

After some time away following several failed relationships with Carla Connor and Leanne Battersby, Nick returned in October 2018 to be by Leanne’s bedside as she recovered from a car crash.

The pair rekindled things yet again.

Just before his stepson Oliver died, Nick ran into his ex-girlfriend Natasha and discovered he had a 10-year-old son named Sam.

After Natasha was shot by drug dealer Harvey Gaskell, Sam has come to live with his dad and Leanne. But Sam wants to make contact with Harvey to understand his mum’s death and Nick is dead-set against it. Will he change his mind?

Nina smiling on Coronation Street
Things haven’t always been easy for Nina (Credit: ITV)

Nina Lucas

Nina Lucas is the niece of Roy Cropper, played by Mollie Gallagher.

Last year, Nina and her boyfriend Seb were attacked by Corey Brent, Kelly Neelan and their friends.

Seb died from his injuries leaving Nina devastated.

Nina turned to drink, especially as it seemed like Corey got away with the attack.

However she later found evidence to have him arrested and was relieved when he was sent down.

But the experience has left her with PTSD and panic attacks. Roy and new girlfriend Asha Alahan have helped her to overcome them, but will they rear their head again soon?

Orla Crawshaw

The deputy headmistress of Weatherfield High has been given a more prominent role of late as the show shifts focus towards the teens.

She has been forced to deal with tearaway Max Turner, as well as the upskirting scandal and accusations against Daniel Osbourne of inappropriate behaviour with Summer Spellman.

Carla Mendonça plays her.

He often gets the wrong end of the stick, does Paul (Credit: ITV)

Paul Foreman

Gemma’s twin brother Paul, played by Peter Ash, was David Platt’s cellmate in prison, before pitching up on the Street in January 2019.

He was at the centre of a harrowing historic child sex abuse storyline in 2019. It’s clear it still haunts him to this day, with Paul quick to jump to conclusions based on his own experiences.

Recently he split up with boyfriend Billy and is currently living with Daniel Osbourne.

But he’s still very central in caring for Summer. One of her three dads, will Paul be able to help her through her latest troubles?

Coronation Street Peter Barlow in the pub
Corrie’s Peter Barlow (Credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow

Born in 1965 to Ken and Valerie Barlow, Peter Barlow, played by Chris Gascoyne, is the ultimate lovable rogue.

He’s been a bigamist, marrying both Lucy Richards and Shelley Unwin at the same time, an alcoholic, a dad to Simon, a legal husband to Leanne Battersby and Carla Connor, and a partner to Toyah Battersby.

Recently Peter married Carla and underwent a liver transplant.

Peter was arrested last week after assaulting the surgeon who performed the operation.

Mr Thorne had been heard boasting he did Peter’s operation in under four hours for a bet. Peter lashed out and found himself under arrest, but he’s refusing to let the issue lie.

He managed to get the vital evidence he needed to send Thorne down, but Simon feel for Thorne’s lies and handed the recording over.

Peter bonded with activist Griff over the authorities letting them down. But then he saw Griff for what he was: a racist thug.

Phill drops a bombshell on Fiz in Coronation Street
Can it really end well for Phill? (Credit: ITV)

Phill Whittaker

Phill, played by Jamie Kenna, arrived on the cobbles as a new love interest for Fiz Stape.

He overheard her arguing with her ex, Tyrone, and after flirting with her asked her out.

However, despite their growing relationship, Phill ended up betraying Fiz with his big secret.

She forgave him and they got engaged, but then dumped him moments after they married.

Phill has left the Street, but someone is writing a book about John Stape and Fiz and Tyrone think he might be behind it. Are they right? Is Phill coming back?

Will Rita and Audrey ever be friends again? (Credit: ITV)

Rita Tanner

Rita (Barbara Knox) runs The Kabin on Coronation Street. She joined the soap in 1964 and she’s been married four times.

Currently single, Rita’s closest allies on the cobbles are former foster daughter Jenny Bradley and Gemma Winter.

In 2017, it looked like Rita might die when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, but fortunately she had surgery and is back to fighting fit.

Last year, her former foster daughter Sharon returned to Weatherfield. However it was revealed she was involved in a drug gang with her nephew Harvey.

Rita was devastated to find out how much best friend Audrey has been struggling recently and has vowed to support her.

After leaving last year, Roy returned at Christmas (Credit: ITV)

Roy Cropper

Roy Cropper, played by David Neilson runs Roy’s Rolls and has been in the Coronation Street cast since 1995.

He married the soap’s first transgender character, Hayley Cropper, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2014.

His closest current relationship is with Carla Connor, who he regards as a daughter. Niece Nina has moved in with him.

He supported Nina after she was attacked by Corey Brent and his friends.

Is Ronnie a good’un or a bad’un? (Credit: ITV)

Ronnie Bailey

Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) is the brother of Ed Bailey.

His arrival caused trouble on the street as he told Ed he believed Michael was his son. A DNA test proved that Michael wasn’t his son.

However he slept with Jenny Connor, who was married to Johnny.

Eventually Johnny found out the truth and it’s fair to say he wasn’t happy.

He’s now close to Debbie Webster.

Ruby Dobbs

Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi) is the biological daughter of Kirsty Soames and Tyrone Dobbs.

However she has been raised by Fiz Stape and sees her as her mother.

in 2021, Ruby found out her birth mother Kirsty had died.

Give this guy a storyline! (Credit: ITV)

Ryan Connor

The son of Michelle Connor, Ryan came back to Weatherfield in the form of new actor Ryan Prescott, for Michelle’s wedding in 2018.

He was always causing trouble, including a drugs entanglement a couple of years ago.

He had a relationship with Alya Nazir, but she ended things with him after he got involved with Daisy.

Ryan had money troubles and stupidly got into bed with Debbie Webster to solve them. It wasn’s his brightest move when he was arrested for robbing the Bistro and took all the blame.

dancing on ice sally dynevor
Show stalwart Sally has been on Coronation Street since 1986 (Credit: ITV)

Sally Metcalfe

Sally (Sally Dynevor) joined the soap in 1986 and married Kevin Webster. They had two children, Rosie and Sophie, and have split up and got back together more times than seems normal.

Social climber Sal’s currently married to Tim Metcalfe.

She has spent time in jail, wrongly convicted of fraud, and is now nursing her husband back to health following several scares including a heart bypass and struggles with impotence.

They have managed to repair their marriage – and sex life – but is his growing friendship with Aggie Bailey cause for concern?

Sam coronation street
Nick and Natasha’s son Sam (Credit: ITV)

Sam Blakeman

Sam Blakeman is the son of Natasha Blakeman and Nick Tilsley.

Last year, Nick was shocked when he ran into Natasha and found out he had a nine-year old son.

Sam is played by Jude Riordan.

When Sam’s mum Natasha was shot and killed last year, Sam was shocked into silence.

He managed to find his voice again thanks to chess.

Sam wants to find out why his mum was killed and has been writing to evil Harvey in prison. But can any good come of it?

Sarah’s marriage to Adam united two powerhouse cobbles families (Credit: ITV)

Sarah Barlow

Middle child, Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O’Brien) was born in 1987 to Gail and Brian Tilsley, but was later adopted by Martin Platt.

She’s the sister of Nick Tilsley and David Platt and became mum to Bethany Platt when she was just 13-years-old.

Sarah has another son, Harry Platt, who was the product of a relationship with evil drug-dealer Callum.

After a turbulent relationship with Gary Windass, she married Adam Barlow.

Things were rocky when his ex started stalking them and set it up to look like she and Adam were having an affair.

Sarah threw Adam out, but the truth was revealed and a showdown left Adam fighting for his sight.

Fortunately, all was well and Sarah and Adam were reunited.

Corrie Sean looks serious during his date in the Bistro
Has Sean’s luck in love changed at last? (Credit: ITV)

Sean Tully

Sean Tully – played by Antony Cotton – joined the Coronation Street cast in 2003 and has been unlucky-in-love ever since.

He works in the Rovers and found himself homeless after a series of unfortunate events left him with nothing a couple of years ago.

Fortunately old flame Billy Mayhew stepped in to offer a helping hand and Sean slowly got back on his feet again.

Son Dylan is back on the scene.

Sean has got himself a new fella in the shape of Laurence, but it’s now clear Laurence has a secret and Sean might be left heartbroken – again!

Shona looks shocked
Shona isn’t who she once was (Credit: ITV)

Shona Platt

When Shona Ramsey arrived in 2016 it was clear she was hiding something big. Shona got closer to David Platt, and revealed she was the mother of Clayton Hibbs, Kylie’s killer.

Shona (Julia Goulding) finally revealed the truth to David and he eventually got over it and the two are in a relationship. They struggled in 2018 though, in the aftermath of his rape.

And then she landed up in a coma after a shooting. A brain injury has left her character very different, but she and David have found fresh happiness together.

With Julia expecting her second child, she’s set to go on maternity leave soon – but how will Shona leave this time?

Coronation Street Simon Barlow looks upset after Natasha's death
Trouble seems to follow Simon, much like his dad (Credit: ITV)

Simon Barlow

Young Simon Barlow, the son of Peter Barlow and Lucy Richards, didn’t have the best start in life due to his father’s bigamy and his mother dying of cancer when he was only little.

Alex Bain has played Simon since 2008 and has tackled storylines such as being violent with his adoptive mum, Leanne, and joining a gang.

Last year began delivering drugs for dealer Harvey to financially support Leanne, which led to the family going into hiding.

But he is back living in Weatherfield now Harvey is behind bars.

However he’s struggling with his guilt over the situation and was very against his cousin Amy’s relationship with Jacob Hay.

Coronation Street Spider gets into the bin lorry beside shocked Toyah
Why is Spider really back? (Credit: ITV)

Spider Nugent

Martin Hancock made a shock return as eco-activist Spider Nugent last month.

He has re-connected with ex, Toyah, but found himself arrested after breaking into the brewery to stage a protest.

As he and Toyah grew closer and rekindled their romance, viewers discovered Spider is actually an undercover police officer.

He’s investigating radical activist Griff, but will his job put Toyah in danger?

Stephen made a shock return to Coronation Street last night - but viewers were distracted (Credit: ITV)
Stephen made a shock return to Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid

Audrey’s eldest son Stephen Reid, played by Todd Boyce, is back in town.

He arrived just in time to rescue Audrey who had been trapped under a motorbike all night.

Stephen insisted he was sticking around to care for his frail mum, but it soon became clear he had money troubles and owed his ex-wife thousands.

After trying – and failing – to get his hands on Audrey’s cash, he turned his attentions to Jenny Connor.

But when her partner Leo found out, he threatened Stephen – which resulted in a violent confrontation. Stephen killed Leo.

As he scrambles to cover-up his crime, can Stephen really get away with it?

Or will he have to kill again to keep his secret?

Who will Stephen kill next?

Coronation Street Stu apologises to Steve
Simon Gregson has played Steve McDonald in the Coronation Street cast since 1989 (Credit: ITV)

Steve McDonald

Simon Gregson has played Steve McDonald since 1989. He’s the twin brother of Andy and the son of Liz and Jim McDonald.

He’s married seven times – twice to the same women. He married Tracy Barlow in October 2018.

He has three children – Amy with Tracy, Oliver – who died in November 2020 – with Leanne, and Emma with ex Fiona. His baby with Michelle, Ruairi, died at birth at 23 weeks.

Steve owns Streetcars after being forced to sell the Rovers Return when he cheated on wife Michelle and they got divorced.

He was left devastated when Oliver died and now spends his time raising money for charity.

Corrie Stu looks serious
Convicted murderer Stu has fought to clear his name (Credit: ITV)

Stu Carpenter

Homeless Stu Carpenter, played by Bill Fellows, was instrumental in bringing down killer Corey.

He then helped Kelly as she battled to survive life on the streets.

Stu almost lost his life in a fire at Speed Daal, but was rescued. Yasmeen took him in and they developed feelings for each other.

However, when it was revealed he murdered a woman he was having an affair with, she threw Stu out.

Stu worked to prove his innocence and eventually it was revealed his daughter, Bridget, had killed Charlie and his wife, Lucy, had helped cover it up.

Bridget and Lucy have been arrested and Stu has been charged with bringing up granddaughter Eliza. But that’s looking pretty complicated right now…

It’s been a tough time for Summer (Credit: ITV)

Summer Spellman

Summer Spellman is the adoptive daughter of Billy Mayhew and she arrived in 2017.

She was originally played by Matilda Freeman, however Harriet Bibby took over the role last year.

Billy fought a tough battle to get her after her deeply religious grandparents wanted her to stay with them.

Fortunately, Billy won Summer’s heart – and the legal rights to raise her, and she even stood by him when he descended into drug addiction earlier in 2018.

Last year, Summer was diagnosed with Type One diabetes. She then developed an eating disorder.

She found happiness with fellow diabetic Aaron, but now she’s pregnant.

Aaron’s abusive dad needs £10k to get into rehab, so Summer is planning to sell her baby to raise the funds. Sounds like a perfect plan…

Coronation Street Feb 11 Tim is about to watch a movie with Elaine
Tim has recently had heart surgery (Credit: ITV)

Tim Metcalfe

Sally Metcalfe’s husband Tim (Joe Duttine) owns half of Street Cars. He’s been in the show since 2013 when his biological daughter, Faye Windass, tracked him down.

Tim has experienced tough times, with Geoff claiming Yasmeen tried to kill him. He has also met his ‘dead’ mum Elaine.

Elaine recently moved away from Weatherfield, but still stays in contact with Tim.

Tim underwent a triple heart bypass earlier this year and one of the side affects is impotence. Tim was left mortified he couldn’t perform and even purchased erectile disfunction pills off the internet.

He has grown close to neighbour Aggie as he battles to deal with the problem, but what does that mean for his marriage to Sal?

Gareth Pierce took over the role of Todd from Bruno Langley when he joined the Coronation Street cast (Credit: ITV)

Todd Grimshaw

Todd returned to Weatherfield after some years away. He ran away after hitting a policeman and came back in similarly dramatic fashion after a brush with a dealer.

Now he’s back and working at the funeral parlour.

Most notably, a new actor Gareth Pierce is playing him now, after Bruno Langley lost his job.

Toyah looks worried on the phone in Coronation Street
It’s been a tough time for Toyah recently – actually, always! (Credit: ITV)

Toyah Battersby

Toyah Battersby arrived in 1997 alongside sister Leanne. After some harrowing storylines, including a brutal rape, she left in 2003, but returned in 2016 as the girlfriend of Peter Barlow.

Up until 2018, Toyah ran the Rovers with Peter, but she lied about her adoptive baby – she was really Eva Price’s baby. Peter ended their relationship.

She’s settled with Imran, but things are on very rocky ground after she agreed to bring up his baby with Abi.

Toyah was heartbroken to realise Imran had cheated on her with a close neighbour, but her desperation for a child outweighed her upset and she forgave him.

They got married and went for custody of Alfie.

However, it all became too much for Toyah in the end and she lost it, smashing their car into a wall.

She was charged with murder, but got off.

Toyah has rekindled her romance with ex-lover Spider, but he’s hiding a huge – and dangerous secret – so it’s likely it can only end in tears.

Where would we be without Tracy’s temper?! (Credit: ITV)

Tracy McDonald

Troublemaker Tracy (Kate Ford) was born to Deirdre and Ray Langton in 1977, but Deirdre’s second husband Ken Barlow adopted her.

She’s been in prison for murder and has spent most of her time on the cobbles wrecking Steve McDonald’s many marriages.

But she’s finally got her man and Tracy and Steve married in 2018. They live with their daughter Amy and spend a lot of time bickering.

Tracy has revealed her better side, supporting Steve through Oliver’s illness. She also appears to have a good friendship with stepdaughter Emma.

But she’s lost none of that fiery tongue nor fighting spirit. And that’s why we still love her.

Coronation Street cast
Tyrone is back with Fiz (Credit: ITV)

Tyrone Dobbs

Character Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) joined the Coronation Street cast in 1998 and started work as an apprentice at Kevin’s car garage after losing his job collecting trolleys at Curly Watts’ supermarket.

Ty lived with Jack and Vera Duckworth who became like parents to him.

He was engaged to Fiz Stape until earlier this year when he fell for Alina Pop.

Tyrone soon realised he was still in love with Fiz and after Alina lost their baby, she left the Street, leaving Ty free to go back to his former partner.

However, Fiz was loved up with Phill.

She ditched Phill on her wedding night and went back to Tyrone, but Ty became unsuspecting Phill’s confident and ended up going on Fiz’s honeymoon with Phill!

Coronation Street Wendy sat in Abi's living room as her foster carer for baby Alfie
Abi’s not the only one with a past in this set-up… (Credit: ITV)

Wendy Papadopoulos (neé Wendy Flamin’ Crozier)

The woman who ruined Ken and Deirdre‘s marriage, Wendy Flamin’ Crozier (now Papadopoulos) is back.

Roberta Kerr plays the other woman and has returned as Abi’s foster carer.

When she came back to the street, she didn’t get a warm welcome from Tracy.

But she and Ken have admitted they have feelings for each other and agreed to be companions. Tracy’s not happy, but will they stay the course this time?

Shelley King plays Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen Nazir

Yasmeen (Shelley King) made her first appearance on the cobbles in 2014. She came in as the mother of Kal Nazir and grandmother of Alya and Zeedan.

She got married to Geoff Metcalfe in 2019, however he was abusive.

Geoff died in 2020 and currently Yasmeen runs Speed Daal with Alya.

She fell for Stu Carpenter, but threw him out when she discovered he’d been in prison for murder.

However after realising he was innocent, they have rekindled things. But will it work out for good?

Coronation Street Jan 19 Despite Stu’s gratitude Yasmeen is still furious with Zeedan and makes it clear she wants him nowhere near the restaurant.
Forgiveness is slowly coming for Zee (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan Nazir

Zeedan, played by Qasim Akhtar, returned to the Coronation Street cast in September 2021 after a three-year absence.

His return was shrouded in secrecy after he revealed he’d split up with his new wife. After he was attacked in the Street, he confessed his in-laws were after him.

However, he then confessed the real reason they wanted him – because he cheated on his ex-wife.

He began laundering money for father-in-law Hashim after it was also revealed Zeedan had stolen from him.

But Hashim had a heart attack and died in front of Zee, who didn’t call an ambulance to help.

When Yasmeen found out she was horrified and banished her grandson. But she is slowly starting to allow him back into the family fold.

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