Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz: Emmerdale’s Woolpack chef and his love triangle with Nicola and Bernice

He and Bernice had a steamy affair back in the day!

Carlos Diaz in Emmerdale was the hearthrob Woolpack chef (sorry, Marlon) who caught the eye of Nicola Blackstock (now Nicola King) and her sister, Bernice.

It was Nicola who snared Carlos first but though he was her boyfriend and then her fiance, he also had a steamy affair with Bernice – who was married to Ashley at the time.

Sounds like a big mess, right? That’s not the half of it!

Nicola looks horrified at her wedding to Carlos as Ashley watches on
Nicola announced the truth about Bernice and Carlos to the church (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

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Carlos comes to Emmerdale

Carlos arrived in the village having scooped the coveted position as Woolpack chef.

At the time, Bernice was married to vicar Ashley Thomas, and had just suffered a miscarriage. They were struggling as a couple and Ashley had taken a job elsewhere.

Feeling abandoned by Ashley, Bernice couldn’t resist the charms of handsome Carlos.

They started a passionate affair. When Bernice got pregnant, she wasn’t sure if the dad was Ashley or Carlos.

But Diane Blackstock, Bernice’s mum, got wind of the affair and told Bernice to call it off to save her marriage – and Bernice did.

Carlos and Nicola

While she and Carlos were apart, who should rock up in the village but Nicola – Bernice’s sister! And who did Carlos fancy the pants off? Yep, Nicola. Awks.

He and Nicola got together and pretty soon after, Nico announced she was up the duff, too. And Carlos proposed.

Except Nicola was fibbing. And when Bernice clocked her drinking vodka on her hen night, the secret was out.

Bernice and Carlos look ashamed as their affair is revealed on Carlos's wedding day
Bernice and Carlos were ashamed when their affair was revealed on Carlos and Nicola’s wedding day (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Wedding day drama

Bernice told Carlos, who told Nicola about his affair with her sister. On their wedding day. Nice timing!

Nicola stormed into the church where Carlos was waiting and announced the wedding was off – because Carlos had cheated with her sister.

Poor Ashley was devastated, and a guilty Carlos fled the village.

When Bernice went into labour and gave birth to baby Gabrielle, she still didn’t know who the father was, though she hoped it would be Carlos.

But a paternity test showed Ashley was little Gabby’s dad.

Bernice cradles baby Gabby while Carlos and Ashley stand either side of the bed
Bernice didn’t know if Gabby’s father was Ashley or Carlos (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Carlos returns

Carlos came back to Emmerdale in 2004, when Bernice had left and Nicola was romancing fishmonger Simon Merdith

But he didn’t stay long.

Who played Carlos in Emmerdale?

Carlos was played by actor Gary Turner.

Gary had already had roles in The Bill and Soldier Soldier before landing the part of Carlos.

Since leaving Emmerdale, he’s starred in Hollyoaks: Let Loose and the film Run For Your Wife alongside EastEnders star Danny Dyer.

And he’s now every bit the silver fox!

Off screen, Gary had a relationship with Corrie and Dinner Ladies star Shobna Gulati for several years, before tying the knot with another soap star, Carli Norris – AKA Belinda Peacock (née Slater).

Carli and Gary were married for more than a decade and have two daughters, but they are now divorced.

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