Tony Clay’s journey as Callum Highway in EastEnders and his off-screen life

Actor Tony Clay plays Walford's most troubled copper.

Callum Highway in EastEnders has been played by actor Tony Clay since early 2018.

Tony starred in TV shows including Lucky Man and Foyle’s War before getting his role in EastEnders, and lives with his girlfriend Olivia Griffin.

Callum Highway in EastEnders

Callum – who was known as Halfway – arrived in Walford with a literal bang, when he was mixed up in a robbery and accidentally shot Mick Carter. He’d known Mick and Linda as a teen, when he was friends with their son Lee.

Halfway helped the Carters secure the Vic, and they promised they’d always have  room for him. And he also started a sweet romance with Whitney Dean.  The cute couple kept in touch while Halfway went back to the army, and when Halfway returned, they made their relationship official.

whitney halfway
Whitney and Halfway started a relationship (Credit: BBC)

Callum Highway in EastEnders and brother Stuart

Highway’s brother Stuart followed him to Walford when he returned from the army, injured. Stuart soon realised Halfway wasn’t telling the truth about his wounds, but Mick supported Halfway through his return.

Stuart and Callum had a tricky relationship but have now repaired their friendship (Credit: BBC)

Halfway helped Stuart in his pursuit of paedophiles, but when Stuart showed his dark side, poor Halfway was caught in the crossfire. Stuart lied and manipulated the Carters and even sent Mick to prison for shooting him – which he’d done himself. He and Callum had a very fractious relationship, but with a bit of help from Shirley Carter – an unlikely source of support – the brothers repaired their friendship.

Callum and Whitney

Meanwhile things were getting serious between Callum and Whitney. They had moved in together and after a pregnancy scare, had even discussed having a family.

But Callum was hiding a secret. After an argument with Ben Mitchell, the two men had ended up kissing and Cal had admitted he was confused about his sexuality.

Callum and Whitney
Callum and Whitney called off their wedding (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Pushing his feelings aside, Callum proposed to Whitney and the pair began planning a wedding. But guilty Cal told his fiancee the truth about Ben.

Whit was shocked, but she told Callum she still wanted to go ahead with the wedding. Later, though, she changed her mind and jilted him at the altar.

When Hunter Owen held the pub hostage, and shot Ben, Callum told everyone the truth about his sexuality and his feelings for Ben Mitchell. And even the reappearance of his homophobic dad, Jonno, changed things.


Ben and Cal’s romance got off to a tricky beginning, when on the day of their long awaited first date, Callum didn’t turn up. Ben was upset but discovered that Cal had stood him up because he’d rescued Bobby Beale from being hit by a train. What a hero!

The blossoming relationship hit another snag when Ben struggled to move on from his boyfriend Paul, who was murdered. Pam Coker, Paul’s grandmother, gave Ballum – as EastEnders fans had dubbed the pair – her blessing.

Callum Highway in EastEnders
Callum joining the police caused some trouble for the Mitchells (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

But there was more trouble in store when Callum announced he wanted to join the police. Awks!

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Ben’s criminal family and Cal’s new career kept clashing and almost cost Callum his life when he was held hostage by a desperate Keanu Taylor.

And things got even more complicated when Callum was forced to work undercover for DI Thompson, in an attempt to keep Ben out of jail by sending Phil down instead.

Luckily Jack Branning helped Callum out of his sticky situation and Ballum got engaged.

Ben and Callum in EastEnders
Will Ben and Callum live happily ever after? (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

But with Phil now fully up to speed on everything Callum’s done – and very angry about it – will there be a happy ending for Callum and Ben?

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