Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale was played by Chelsea Halfpenny and then Natalie Ann Jamieson

Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt: Natalie Ann Jamieson’s role and Chelsea Halfpenny’s past portrayal

She had a troubled youth but is her dodgy past really behind her?

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Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale is mum to little Kyle Dingle, devoted girlfriend to Matty Barton, and daughter of Kerry Wyatt.

She had a troubled youth, with all sorts of ups and downs, and a period away from Emmerdale when she seemed to get her life back on the straight and narrow.

Now she’s happily loved up with Matty, and working hard at the HOP.

But Amy’s hiding not one, but two killer secrets. Will they be revealed any time soon?

Amy returned to Emmerdale in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale? When was she recast?

Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale is played by Natalie Ann Jamieson. She is the second actress to take on the role.

Amy had roles in Vera and Doctors, as well as on the big screen in I, Daniel Blake, before she got the part of Amy Wyatt in 2019.

When Amy first arrived in Emmerdale as a teen, she was played by Chelsea Halfpenny.

Chelsea, who’s the niece of former EastEnders star Jill Halfpenny, played Amy for three years.

She was already known to viewers because she’d been in Byker Grove as a youngster.

And since leaving Emmerdale, Chelsea’s career has blossomed. She’s starred in Casualty and on the stage.

Chelsea Halfpenny in character as Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale
Chelsea Halfpenny played Amy Wyatt originally (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Amy’s arrival in Emmerdale

Amy Wyatt arrived in Emmerdale as a troubled teen when her car broke down.

She was in trouble having run away from foster care, but she won over Val Pollard who, along with husband Eric, took Amy in.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Amy, though.

She fell for David Metcalfe, who didn’t return her feelings, and slept with (much) older man Cain Dingle.

When Amy found out she was pregnant, Cain threatened her unless she had an abortion. But she didn’t go through with it and instead hid her pregnancy until she gave birth alone in the church.

Though Amy tried to make it work as a teen mum, she eventually gave little Kyle up for adoption.

Amy slept with Cain Dingle and got pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Kidnapping Kyle

When Amy found out Kyle‘s adoptive parents had died, she went to the funeral and made friends with his grandmother Joanie Wright.

She didn’t tell Joanie who she was, but began getting to know the little lad.

When Joanie found out, she was furious and stopped Amy seeing her son. She eventually relented but when Amy decided she wanted to have custody of the little boy, Joanie vowed to fight her.

With no legal right to see Kyle, Amy took drastic action.

She kidnapped the tot and fled. Cain followed and managed to talk her out of taking her son.

Though Amy handed him over, she decided to leave Emmerdale forever.

Amy has settled back into life in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Amy’s return to Emmerdale

In 2019, with Joanie dead and Kyle living with Cain – who was facing a murder charge for ‘killing’ Joe Tate – Kerry decided to track her daughter down.

Amy came back to Emmerdale, determined to fight for her son. With Cain and Moira’s support she told Kyle she was his mum.

Mum and son have now started to build a relationship.

Amy and Kerry felt guilty about Frank’s death (Credit: ITV)

Who did Amy Wyatt murder in Emmerdale?

When Karen, an old mate of Amy’s, showed up in the village demanding money, Amy was shocked.

Amy had stolen thousands of pounds from Karen and she wanted it back.

Desperate for the cash, Kerry and Amy pilfered a charity collection from the sweet factory.

But when they destroyed the CCTV to stop it showing their theft, they started a fire that ending up killing Frank Clayton.

Frank’s daughter Tracy discovered the truth about how her dad died and shoved Kerry who suffered a head injury.

Worried she’d get the blame for hurting Kerry, Tracy decided to keep quiet about the truth about her dad’s death.

To date, Amy and Kerry are still hiding the killer secret and fans are furious the pair are getting away with murder.

Amy and Matty are happy together – but for how long? (Credit: ITV)

Amy and Matty Barton

It took them a while to get together, but Amy and Matty Barton are officially a couple now and they’re super-cute.

Amy’s stood by Matty as he wrestled with decisions about surgery, and he’s been a rock to her, too.

But will he be so supportive if the truth about her part in Frank’s death is revealed?

A visibly upset Kyle talks to Amy as they sit together at home on Emmerdale
Amy now faces a difficult choice to protect her son (Credit: ITV)

Is Amy leaving Emmerdale?

Amy has found herself forced to keep a second killer secret after it was revealed her son, Kyle, is the real murderer of Al Chapman.

Cain Dingle has pleaded guilty to the murder to protect the boy.

After Cain lured Al to a desserted barn, they had a violent showdown, but it was Kyle who picked up the gun and shot Al.

Meanwhile Kyle confessed the truth to his mum Amy on Monday November 7.

Flashbacks revealed that Kyle had followed Cain and went into the barn where he witnessed his dad and Al fighting.

He picked up the gun and warned Al to back off.

Cain and Al tried to get Kyle to put down the gun, but as Al moved towards Kyle to grab the gun, the young boy shot him.

Now, Amy knows the truth, she plans to flee with Kyle and next week she has gone.

Moira is also struggling to cope in the aftermath and she too leaves the village.

Will Amy return with Kyle? Or has she gone for good?

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