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10 big secrets from the new Neighbours!

Entertainment Daily’s spies have some hot goss in the show’s return…

Last year, we wiped away tears of joy and sadness after watching the Neighbours fantastic final episode, as the show ended after 37 years of drama. But then came the unbelievable news that the show was coming back, with new episodes streaming free on Amazon Freevee!

You’ll be able to watch the first installment of the new dramas on Monday September 18, with one new episode dropping each day, Monday to Thursday, every week.

But if you want a bit of a sneak preview – and some behind-the-scenes secrets – then read on – as our spies have been gathering all the Ramsay Street gossip.

New Neighbours top secrets…

Neighbours cast shot
Many old faces – and some new – return (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

1. Life has moved on in Ramsay Street…

While it’s been little over a year since the last episode of Neighbours aired for us viewers, when the show returns, things will have moved on by two years for the people of Erinsborough. And that means that more than a lot will have changed.

“We felt that it was a great opportunity, because time will have passed for the audience and that time could pass for us as well,” says Jason Herbison, Executive Producer. “It does mean that some people naturally would have moved on and a lot has happened to the other characters since we last saw them.

“We’ll only come to learn the full story of why some things have happened as time goes on – I’m sure we’ll see some flashbacks of that down the line.”

New Neighbours cast shot of old faces: Karl, Toadie, Susan, Paul and Jane
There are plenty of old faces joining the new Neighbours (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

2. They had to get the band back together!

When Neighbours finished filming last year, as far as the cast and crew were concerned, it was the end of the road. So, reviving the show meant rounding up the core cast – who had now moved on in their lives.

Rebekah Elmaloglou (Terese) had relocated to New South Wales hundreds of miles from the show’s Melbourne base. Ryan Moloney had started building a new house and farm for him and his family.

Meanwhile both Stefan Dennis (Paul) and Annie Jones (Jane) were both looking forward to taking life easier.

“My husband and I bought an old house in the country and our plan was to just kind of renovate it and grow vegetables and sort of semi-retire a bit,” says Annie. “But it’s great to be back – I love it!”

Mike and Jane in Neighbours locking eyes as they pick up a heart-shaped box
Everyone’s rooting for Mike and Jane! (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

3. It’s Jane and Mike 4Eva!

Forget Kylie and Jason, the best bit of the show’s finale last year was definitely Jane rekindling her romance with first love Mike Young. We loved the idea that they would then live happily ever after.

However, surely Hollywood star Guy Pearce can’t now be popping back to Erinsborough all the time? Will we discover their romantic reunion shattered? Well, it seems all is not lost for Mike and Jane fans…

“I want Mike and Jane to have a happy ending,” says Jason. “We’re very excited that Guy Pearce has been back and done some stuff for us. I think people will really enjoy seeing Mike and Jane together again. Guy has been wonderful – he’s very engaged in the characters and their future happiness.”

4. There’s more joy of sets!

The décor in the houses on Ramsay Street has had a spruce up for the new series.

Meanwhile, the show has developed its filming style , with many of the sets now having four full walls, rather than just the previous three [the missing fourth wall is usually the space the cameras shoot from].

So, expect a slicker looking show, with some new views of your favourite living rooms and kitchens. “It sounds funny when you talk about it, but after watching a show for 37 years, then seeing a wall you haven’t seen before – I get very excited about that!” admits Jason.

Haz is the new owner of Harold's and he leans on the counter with a towel over his shoulder
Harold’s has a new face – Haz! (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

5. All change at Harold’s!

New character Haz has taken over Harold’s coffee shop and while his cheery manner is welcomed by locals, some of his changes don’t go down as well. “Haz is kind of a coffee snob! He tends to force people into their coffee order, as opposed to giving them what they want!” laughs Shiv Palaker, who plays him.

Meanwhile the grand Neighbours tradition of popping in to pick up a quiche or another tasty takeaway treat to take home for the family dinner is no more. “Haz doesn’t do great food, he only does toasties,” reveals Jason. “It’s the talk of the Lassiters complex!”

Trevor the dog sitting on the sofa in the new Neighbours
We love a good soap dog! (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

6. Move over Bouncer…

There have been many cute pooches in Neighbours over the years, but has there ever been one quite so adorable as Haz’s dog Trevor? “He’s going to steal every scene,” laughs Shiv aka Haz.

However, the Goldendoodle does cause some problems behind the scenes, as Bodie, who plays him, can’t resist a dip in the pool in the backyard of no.32. “He just wants to be in the water,” says Producer Andrew Thompson. “And he is really hard to dry off quickly for the next scene!”

Melanie and Toadie’s wedding ended Neighbours last year (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

7. The wedding tradition continues!

The show decided to put a wedding at the centre of the new first episode. While the identity of the happy couple remains a secret, the big day is there to honour a Neighbours tradition, as well as to bring big drama.

“We all love a wedding,” says Jason Herbison. “The show began in 1985 with a wedding then it ended in 2022 with a wedding, so it felt really fitting that we’d come back with one.”

There’s a new family on the block (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

8. A new family means new troubles!

The Varga-Murphys are the new clan on the Street, but mums Remi and Cara and teenage sons JJ and Dec soon discover that good Neighbours don’t always necessarily become good friends. “It starts with a bit of a confrontation with our brand-new immediate neighbours The Rodwells,” says Naomi Rukavina, who plays Remi.

Also, one of the family has a reason for wanting to be on Ramsay Street that the others are unaware of…

Things aren’t so rosy for Dr and Mrs K! (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

9. St. Susan isn’t so forgiving…

While the new run marks a fresh start, what’s happened in the past certainly won’t be forgotten.

The final months of the last series saw Karl conned out a large sum of his and Susan’s pension fund on a dodgy investment. Those wounds haven’t healed, taking the plot in a new direction.

“The fact that Karl lost $200,000 is still not wasted on Susan, which is good because you shouldn’t go through that and then it be forgotten as it’s huge,” says Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl.

Meanwhile, Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan, reveals, “Susan does start to act out in a way that is completely out of character. She’s spending an awful lot of money on tat! She doesn’t know why she’s doing it and doesn’t really want it. But it’s because she’s still carrying this anger…”

10. Missing your favourites? All is not lost…

While many have moved on from Ramsay Street since we last visited, don’t worry if your own particular cherished character doesn’t seem to have made a comeback.

“I will say that just because someone is not back in episode one, doesn’t mean they may not return in the future,” teases Jason. “There’s a lot of love from the actors who have been on the show and people do love to come back…”

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