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Prince William ‘won’t be mending rifts’ in 2024, expert claims

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In the latest Prince William news, the royal won’t be making up with his brother next year in 2024, a celebrity psychic reckons.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman believes the Prince of Wales is set to enter his “main character era” and figure more prominently in the coming months.

However, despite reports suggesting his brother Prince Harry may be hoping for a “family reunion”, Inbaal doesn’t foresee such activity in the Tarot cards for Wills.

Prince William reads from a cue card
2023 was a big year for Prince William and his royal family relatives – what will 2024 bring? (Credit: The Royal Family Channel YouTube)

Prince William news concerning 2024

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Inbaal said: “We’ll be hearing more directly from the heir to the throne in 2024.

“The communicative Queen of Swords card says that he will be taking speaking roles more regularly. He will be giving speeches and talks, communicating directly with the press and those around him.”

Furthermore, it seems William could prioritise health and fitness as matters his supporters should follow.

Inbaal went on: “Some of his charity endeavours will enjoy favourable headlines, says the 9 of Disks Tarot card. The impact of the Prince’s work will become apparent.”

“The future King’s personal life will be active and joyful as he will be photographed with family at sporting events. He will also partake in physical activity himself.

Prince William will set a personal example in demonstrating the importance of exercise.

“The active Princess of Wands card shows that Prince William will set a personal example in demonstrating the importance of exercise and will be seen outdoors keeping active with family, and supporting national sporting teams.”

On ‘mending of family rifts’

Meanwhile, however, Inbaal also hints that William may not keep active with all his family members, amid long-reported claims of a ‘rift’ between him and his younger sibling.

Inbaal said: “His cards are successful and sociable, centering William himself as the main character in this era.

“There doesn’t appear to be any mending of family rifts indicated in his Tarot reading for 2024.”

Prince Harry sits next to Prince William
It is widely-reported there is a ‘rift’ between the two royal siblings (Credit: The Royal Family Channel YouTube)

Tarot cards reading for Prince Harry in 2024

Additionally, Inbaal predicts a “happy year beckons for Prince Harry, as a spread of exciting and colourful Tarot cards promise joy and creativity.”

She revealed: “The happy 10 of Cups Tarot card says that the Duke of Sussex is in a peaceful frame of mind as he steps into the new year. And his optimism comes from being surrounded by friends and family members who can see his commitment to doing what’s right for his nearest and dearest.”

Furthermore, Inbaal believes even more media commitments could be on the way.

Prince Harry looks upwards
Will we see more of Prince Harry on the box next year? (Credit: 60 Minutes YouTube)

Additionally, she said: “An unusual card called Art comes up for his 2024. This indicates involvement in new creative endeavours this year. He will try his hand in some new ways of expressing himself, such as TV presenting or even production.

“A major Tarot card indicating transformation shows that he’s willing to put the past in the past. He’ll do what he can to extend peace offerings toward those who he hurt in the past. Happy as he is with his current life, he’d be quick to agree to a fresh start, if his family were to benefit from it.”

What do you make to these Tarot card readings?

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