King Charles has passed on some of his duties to Queen Camilla amidst his health struggles

King Charles news: Sovereign ‘frustrated’ as cancer treatment forces him to hand over Maundy Thursday duties to Camilla

He will attend the Easter Sunday church service, though

The latest King Charles news has seen the monarch feeling “frustrated” that his cancer treatment is interfering with him fulfilling his royal duties.

Instead, Queen Camilla is taking over to hand out Maundy Money – which is traditionally done the Thursday before Easter.

The tradition involves the King or Queen presenting special coins in white and red purses. This year, King Charles would have presented Maundy Money to 75 men and 75 women – symbolising his age.

The King is 'frustrated' over not being able to perform all his duties
The King is ‘frustrated’ at having to pass on some of his duties to the Queen (Credit: Cover Images)

King Charles news: Monarch is taking a step back from his duties

Queen Camilla has been required to substitute for her husband, and handed out the Maundy Money at Worcester Castle today (March 28).

However, despite his absence, the King has recorded an audio message which was played to the congregation.

This marks only the second Maundy Thursday of the King’s reign. Last year, he was present at the ceremony at York Minster.

Unfortunately, this year, doctors have advised him to avoid large gatherings due to his cancer treatments – which have likely affected his immune system.

Since his diagnosis, King Charles has been present at some of his public duties.

King Charles makes an audio announcement for Maundy Thursday
The King recorded an audio announcement due to his absence (Credit: Sky News)

The King addressed guests via a pre-recorded audio message

In his first public speech since the Princess of Wales revealed her cancer diagnosis, The King spoke about the importance of friendship in times of need.

He has also recorded a Bible reading and a personal message to the Maundy Money recipients, describing them as “wonderful examples of such kindness”.

The recipients are chosen for their services to Christianity and the community. As thanks, they will receive £5.50 in coins from the Queen.

These coins are made up of a £5 coin with a Tudor dragon, a 50p coin marking The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s 200th anniversary, and specially minted silver Maundy coins.

King Charles smiling during Easter service
King Charles during last year’s Easter service (Credit: Cover Images)

Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of Holy Week

Maundy Thursday, commemorating The Last Supper, holds historical significance in Christianity.

Traditionally, the monarchs would wash the feet of the poor, however, this practice ceased in the 18th century.

In 2022, the King stood in for his mother for the Maundy Money ceremony. The Queen was in poor health at the time.

However, this year, the roles have reversed – with Queen Camilla stepping up to fulfil the royal tradition.

Despite the King’s ongoing health issues, his doctors have granted him permission to attend the Easter Sunday service with the rest of the Royal Family at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Unfortunately, the Prince and Princess of Wales will not attend the service, as they will be at Anmer Hall retreat with their children.

Members of the British Royal Family attend the Christmas Day service at Sandringham
Palace aids are concerned about the monarchies perceived ‘instability’ (Credit: Cover Images)

Palace aids don’t want the monarchy to be seen as unstable

It’s been alleged that palace officials are actively working to prevent a narrative of “instability” for the royal family.

This is due to the fact that both the King and Princess of Wales are undergoing cancer treatment.

The Princess of Wales announced her diagnosis through a video message on March 22 2024. She shared that she has been in chemotherapy since late February.

This news amplifies concerns about the resilience of the monarchy during a challenging period.

The royal family has faced intensified public scrutiny amidst these personal health challenges.

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King Charles's Easter message calls for friendship

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