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Sue Radford hits back at ‘benefits’ claims as she shares exactly where their money comes from

22 Kids and Counting stars come in for vile, baseless abuse from haters

Sue Radford, star of 22 Kids and Counting, has revealed exactly where their family money comes from.

Channel 5 fave Sue, 48, her husband Noel, 53, and their kids are frequently subjected to abuse online.

Recently, that involved vile trolls ruining daughter Ellie’s 18th birthday with social media “hate comments”.

But amid a torrent of unfounded negative remarks concerning how the Radfords pay for their huge brood and holidays, Sue has hit back by highlighting how they earn a living.

And it partially involves social media, where they are targeted. Going by Sue’s words, it seems the family may be able to monetise their hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers on Instagram and YouTube.

Sue Radford and Noel Radford sit together
22 Kids and Counting star Sue Radford and Noel Radford have to put up with awful abuse from trolls on social media (Credit: YouTube)

22 Kids and Counting star Sue Radford on how the Radfords earn money

Speaking with OK! magazine, a defiant Sue dismissed the haters: “People just jump to conclusions. We don’t claim benefits – the pie company is very successful and so is our media business. We work hard but we’re certainly not millionaires!”

People just jump to conclusions. We don’t claim benefits.

She continued: “The nastiness is upsetting though. We just want to be able to give our children the best possible life.”

Noel Radford puts pies in the oven
Noel Radford is King of Pies! (Credit: YouTube)

‘Making memories’

Sue went on to explain why a sad family event convinced her to do what’s best for her kids, no matter what anyone else may think.

She continued: “My mindset changed when my dad passed away. I thought – if we want to be able to go on holiday and make memories with our children then why should we be judged?”

Sue, who has also indicated she’s open to expanding her family through adoption or fostering, added: “You never know what’s around the corner and you should live life how you want and not how other people want you to live it.”


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