Inside the Radfords’ ‘dream £40k’ holiday motorhome – from ‘really big’ bathroom to bed which fits six of the kids

They take the motorhome around the country!

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Noel and Sue Radford, stars of 22 Kids and Counting, have recently embarked on a getaway with their children in their lavish motorhome.

The couple bought their motorhome – reportedly worth £40k – last year. Since then, they’ve made a few trips in it including this week during half-term.

The motorhome is perfect for the huge family to go on trips as it has three double beds as well as a “big” bathroom and kitchen. Let’s take a look inside the Radfords’ incredible motorhome.

Sue and Noel Radford on motorhome

Last year, the couple gave their YouTube fans a tour of their motorhome having recently bought it.

They showed fans around every part of the vehicle, including the kitchen and lounge areas as well as the pretty spacious bathroom.

In a YouTube video – titled We bought our dream motorhome – Noel filmed as Sue showed off different areas. Firstly was the kitchen area.

Sue and Noel Radford show inside motorhome
Sue showed off the “full-sized” fridge (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

The kitchen

Sue said she was impressed by the motorhome’s “full-sized fridge”, saying: “It’s quite hard to find [motorhomes] with these sized fridges.”

The fridge also featured a freezer and a microwave was placed above it.

Radfords show inside motorhome
The motorhome features a kitchen area with a sink and counter space (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

They also have an oven – not quite full-sized – and a sink, which has a cover to make more counter space. Sue said: “You’ve got quite a bit of work space haven’t you.”

The kitchen area also features more cupboards for storage. It also has drawers for cutlery and tea towels.

Radfords show inside motorhome
The oven in the motorhome (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

The bathroom

Moving onto the bathroom, Sue admitted she loves it because it’s “really big”. The bathroom features a toilet, sink and a shower as well as a radiator.

Sue said: “It is really big isn’t it.”

Sue and Noel Radford show off bathroom in motorhome
Sue and Noel showed a glimpse of the “really big” bathroom (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

Pointing to the radiator, Sue seemed pretty thrilled by that aspect too. She said: “I love this because we get proper radiators in this. I absolutely love it.”

Sue Radford stood in shower in motorhome
Sue stood in the motorhome shower to show the size of it (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

The bedrooms

Remarkably, the motorhome features many sleeping areas to accommodate the massive family. Sue explained that their leather sofa in the motorhome also pulls out and turns into a sleep area.

Noel said: “You know with our kids, there will be at least six of them in this little bit here.”

There’s also a TV in the lounge area and “loads of cupboards”.

Sue Radford shows off lounge area in motorhome
Sue explained that the lounge sofas convert into a double bed, which can fit six of their kids! (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

The couple also revealed another sleeping area above the main part of the motorhome. It has a double bed.

Meanwhile, opposite the kitchen area is a seating area with a table which the couple explained can convert into another sleeping bit.

Dining area in Sue and Noel Radford's motorhome
Sue explained that the dining area could convert into a double bed (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

Sue explained: “We’ve got six seatbelts haven’t we, so there’s four here and two there [at the front]. ”

She said that the table can fold down and the chairs can turn into a double bed. But she said they also planned to take their mini bus when going away on holiday.

Noel Radford points to bed in motorhome
Another double bed inside the motorhome (Credit: YouTube/Radford Family)

Sue and Noel on more sleeping arrangements

Noel then explained to the camera: “We’ve actually got an awning as well that goes on the outside with a little annex for a bedroom. So some of the kids will sleep out there and some of them will sleep in here.”

He added: “And everyone wants to sleep up there,” as he spun the camera round to reveal the upper bed area.

He quipped: “Including mum and dad!”

Recently, the Radfords took a trip in their motorhome as they enjoy half-term break.

Speaking on their joint Instagram, Sue and Noel said: “Yayyyy to going away in the motorhome this has honestly been the BEST thing we’ve ever bought.

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“Also I don’t know if you can see in this picture but the tooth fairy has been VERY busy in our house Phoebe has lost 3 teeth which she was extremely happy about.”

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