Linda Nolan issues desperate plea to approve breast cancer drug: ‘To be denied treatment, that’s a storyline that belongs in a horror film’

'Lives are at risk'

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Linda Nolan has joined the growing number of Brits calling for breast cancer drug Enhertu to be made available to everyone on the NHS.

The singer, who has incurable cancer, has urged her followers to sign the Breast Cancer Now petition to end what she has called the “postcode lottery” surrounding the use of the drug.

Enhertu has been rejected for use by the NHS in England. However, it is already prescribed in Scotland. The drug, which isn’t an option for Linda, is used to treat a form of breast cancer affecting around half of all late-stage cases.

In trials, the drug has increased average “progression-free survival” – where the disease doesn’t get any worse – from seven months to two years.

Linda Nolan with a picture of herself taken for a Pink Ribbon campaign
Linda Nolan says cancer patients are being ‘let down’ as a result of the ‘postcode lottery’ (Credit: Splash News)

Linda Nolan on ‘truly frightening’ cancer ‘postcode lottery’

Speaking to the Mirror, Linda said: “This is truly frightening. I’d urge readers to sign the petition for Enhertu’s approval to be reconsidered. As women we’re told to check, go to the doctor with any problem, then undergo treatment if we need it – and the outcome can be good.

Lives are at risk.

“But to be denied the treatment, and potentially extra months or years? That’s a storyline which belongs in a horror film. Lives are at risk. Everyone should have access to the drug, regardless of where they live. They’re being let down,” she then added.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive of Breast Cancer Now, also commented: “Linda knows firsthand the importance of having time to make memories with loved ones.”

Linda Nolan next to a picture of her sister Coleen naked
Linda, who attended sister Coleen’s stage show recently, got some good news about her cancer at her latest appointments (Credit: Splash News)

Linda Nolan’s cancer diagnosis

Nolan Sisters singer Linda was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. In 2017, she was told she had incurable secondary breast cancer in her hip. That then spread to her liver in 2020.

Two tumours were subsequently discovered in Linda’s brain in early 2023. However, her latest scans have showed that Linda Nolan’s most recent treatment is helping to keep the cancer under control.

You can sign the Breast Cancer Now petition here.

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