Hairy Bikers star Dave on This Morning

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers diagnosed with early-onset glaucoma as star ‘thankful’ for early detection

'I could be completely blind'

Hairy Bikers chef Dave Myers has revealed his “scary” health diagnosis after a routine appointment at the opticians.

The TV favourite, best known for being in the duo alongside pal Si King, has been a staple on screens for over 20 years. However, last year the celebrity chef was diagnosed with cancer, aged 66.

And this week, Dave has revealed his shock at being told he has glaucoma.

Hairy Bikers star Dave on This Morning
Dave has revealed his heath diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

Early detection key to saving sight of Hairy Bikers favourite Dave Myers

In a new interview, Dave revealed he was at the opticians when he was told he was showing signs of glaucoma. The disease can cause blindness and vision loss.

Fortunately, his symptoms were detected early by a scan. Dave was still left in shock though, as he could have ended up “completely blind” had it not been for the regular check-up. He has since been prescribed eye drops to help the condition.

If I hadn’t gone for my regular check-up, I could be completely blind which is a scary thought.

Speaking exclusively to, the BBC star said: “I was so relieved and thankful that it had been detected because it meant I could continue my career, doing what I love most, being able to work alongside my best friend, but, more importantly, being able to see my children’s faces.

“If I hadn’t gone for my regular check-up, I could be completely blind which is a scary thought. As many as half of all people with glaucoma are undiagnosed.”

Si King and Dave Myers enjoy a cup of tea and a chat
Si King has been there for Dave Myers amid his cancer battle  (Credit: BBC)

Dave Myers heads back to work

It’s been a tough year for Dave and his new diagnosis comes as he continues treatment for cancer. However, he recently made a brave decision to return to work and previously discussed how his treatment is progressing.

Dave appeared on BBC Breakfast with his co-star Si King. Speaking to host Jon Kay, he revealed: “I am doing alright thanks, Jon. I am still doing treatment but everything seems stable.”

He then shared his decision to return to work, something fans hailed as “brave”. Dave added: “I’ve been back with my best mate on the bike filming and doing the books, and back to work. So it’s all pretty good actually, I am really enjoying life at the moment.”

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