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Ugly House to Lovely House: Viewers call young couple’s new home ‘pram nightmare’

Helen and Greg had two kids and one on the way

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Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke had Channel 4 viewers baffled last night when the show created a ‘pram nightmare’ home for a young family.

During Thursday (October 29) evening’s episode, viewers met Greg and Helen Watson, who had bought a home in an expensive part of Sheffield.

It needed renovating as it was too cramped for the couple and their two children.

Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke featured new homeowners Helen and Greg episode (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with the young couple on Ugly House to Lovely House?

They also had a third baby on the way and wanted to be moved in and settled before the little one arrived, although the project took longer than expected and the tot was born during the course of filming.

Architects on the show created an entrance to their home that comprised a series of steep steps.

They replaced the original, dated design – which featured several steps and a metal handrail – with a more visually appealing but steeper series of steps.

How the Ugly House to Lovely House property looked after the renovation (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers say about the entrance to Greg and Helen’s home?

And those watching couldn’t believe the design, which they thought would be a ‘nightmare’ for the couple trying to get their pram through the front door.

One said on Twitter: “Haven’t they just had a baby? They’re going to love hauling a pram up those steps. Didn’t think of that, did they? Not to mention shopping bags, suitcases etc. And how soon before one of the kids falls down them? #UglyHouse.”

Helen and Greg were so pleased with their new home (Credit: Channel 4)

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Another wrote: “This is important. Is there space for shallower steps or even a soft gradient ramp?”

A third said: “#UglyHouseToLovelyHouse new baby = buggy so we’ll build a multitude of steps to the front door.”

Haven’t they just had a baby? They’re going to love hauling a pram up those steps.

Someone else said: “This couple have just given birth to a new baby, but the architects have given them a steeply stepped entrance into their house! (Pram nightmare). And what’s with not spending any money on the ugly front façades? #UglyHouseToLovelyHouse.”

A look at the new steps at the front of the home (Credit: Channel 4)

Other viewers heaped praise on the extension aspect of the renovation and said the architects were “fantastic”.

George Clarke is the host of Channel 4’s Ugly House to Lovely House (Credit: Channel 4)

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“Definitely the best extension I’ve seen so far #UglyHouseToLovelyHouse,” one wrote on Twitter.

“The architects on #UglyHouseToLovelyHouse this week were fantastic,” said another. “And the couple seemed to be so nice. Hope they’ll be very happy. Oh… and as for little Freddie.”

– Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke airs Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 4

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