The Inheritance final episode review

The Inheritance REVIEW: Channel 5 FINALLY nailed a crime thriller – and we want more of the same!

Did you guess the killer?

The Inheritance has come to an explosive end with its final episode, but it’s the start of taking Channel 5 seriously for its crime thrillers – here’s why in our review.

After dozens of promising but not quite perfect dramas over the past few years, C5 has finally nailed it with four part series The Inheritance. It’s the series that had viewers begging for the next instalment. In a world where most series are plonked online as a boxset, it felt frustratingly good to be made to wait!

The series introduced three siblings who were horrified to discover they weren’t in line to inherit their father’s estate after his suspicious death. And every episode delivered a potent punch of twists and eye-popping revelations.

So how did Channel 5 get it so right with The Inheritance? Here’s our review of the final episode…

***Warning: spoilers from the final episode of The Inheritance ahead***

Larry Lamb in The Inheritance on Channel 5
Larry Lamb played murder victim Dennis in the ace drama The Inheritance (Credit: Channel 5)

The Inheritance final episode review: Who was the killer?

In episode 4 of The Inheritance (Monday, September 25, 2023), the killer was finally revealed. Okay, so most of us had guessed it was the estate agent Nathan, formerly known as James.

But that moment when it was revealed felt deliciously satisfying. Like all good thrillers, everyone had previously been a suspect… Was it Pathetic Pete, Chloe’s husband, who had killed Dennis? Was it one of the siblings? Of course, in early episodes, new wife Susan was in the frame.

During the first episode, anyone could have killed Dennis, and everyone had a motive. When charming estate agent Nathan turned up, our noses felt twitchy with suspicion, but we didn’t have enough evidence to blame him at first.

As episode 4 of The Inheritance unfolded, viewers learnt that Nathan was in fact called James. James was the estranged son of Susan and Michael, who had been in jail for previously killing someone in a very similar way to Dennis…

The moment the penny dropped for Daniel was TV gold… Nothing was obvious in The Inheritance. There wasn’t a moment to get bored, as the pace hurtled along. In fact, if we had any criticism, it would be that the ending came too soon. We could have watched another few episodes of this.

Nathan and Glen in The Inheritance
Nathan and Glen both had an important role to play in The Inheritance final episode (Credit: Channel 5)

The Inheritance final episode review

Unlike a multitude of other poorly executed TV dramas, all of the side plots were engaging – and they were all relevant in the end. Sian’s dangerous ex Glen, at first an annoying wasp, had an important part to play in the grand finale.

And that’s another plot device the series got so right. Boring Pete in his Lycra was a machiavellian villain in the waiting, while thug Glen actually saved the day. Having been stalking Gaynor Faye‘s character Sian (bad boy), he was there to rescue his ex-wife when psycho James/Nathan tied the siblings up and set their beloved home aflame (good boy).

Don’t forget Susan, either, who we’d all suspected in episode 1… Well, she ended up being a victim herself. This make a mockery of all our original suspicions… That’s exactly what a gripping thriller should do.

The cast were brilliant, too. While the likes of Heat, Blindspot, and The Catch managed to bag one big star – Danny Dyer, Ross Kemp, and Jason Watkins – The Inheritance had a bone fide cast of TV dreams.

The brilliant Downton Abbey favourite Robert James-Collier, Emmerdale ledge Gaynor Faye, and As If’s Jemima Rooper played the siblings. Meanwhile, Gavin & Stacey’s Larry Lamb, Goldeneye’s Samantha Bond, Shameless’ Pauline McLynn, and multi-tasker Adil Ray also smashed it in their roles. And TV super star Kevin Whately? He was barely in it, but put in an unforgettable performance.

Channel 5 has proved they can give BBC One, ITV and Netflix a run for their money. And it gives us, the viewers, way more choice. Result!

Robert James-Collier and Gaynor Faye as Dan and Sian in The Inheritance
Robert James-Collier and Gaynor Faye as siblings Dan and Sian in The Inheritance (Credit: Channel 5)

Forget Heat, we want more series like The Inheritance!

The Inheritance had a great plot, which was well written, and well performed by the cast. It didn’t feel too convoluted like other TV dramas that seem to lose their way halfway through.

Channel 5 has got it wrong with the likes of The Teacher, Heat, The House Across the Street, and Witness Number 3. I mean Heat was, quite frankly, preposterous and silly. And the less said about Amanda Abbington‘s Desperate Measures the better…

While some criticised The Inheritance because the family didn’t seem to know much about each other, we think that’s more realistic than other ‘happy family’ dramas… Lots of families become too busy to keep in constant contact, which is why ‘gardener’ Nathan was able to infiltrate Dennis’ life.

Fans agree with us, too, with one saying: “I really recommend #TheInheritance on @channel5_tv @My5_tv… Great cast… Gripping story and the talented @adilray is even in it.”

Another said: “OMG. So many twists and turns I cannot keep up. #theinheritance.”

A third added: “They may as well cancel The Oscars next year cause this is sweeping the board #theinheritance.”

Meanwhile, one more fan typed: “Loved #TheInheritance. Fantastic performances from @larrylamb47 #Robjamescollier @adilray @MsGfaye @CaptainPooper and @SamanthaBond.

Channel 5, are you listening? We want more drama like The Inheritance please!

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