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Take our The Chase-style quiz and see how many of these questions you can answer

The Chase is on!

We’ve always fancied our chances against The Beast or The Governess (doesn’t mean we’d actually beat them…). And now, ED! has come up 15 The Chase style questions to test you at home. Just add Bradley Walsh for the full experience (he probably costs a fair few quid to hire, though).

Remember – there are no Cash Builders, no pushbacks and you can’t be any steps closer to home… because you’re probably there already. This quiz is just for fun!

Bradley Walsh reveals he will be retiring from TV after over 40 years in showbiz
Our quiz doesn’t include actual Chasers… but see how you fare anyway! (Credit: ITV)

15 The Chase style questions in our quiz!

1) Who discovered penicillin?

Ian Fleming
Alexander Fleming
Bob Fleming

2) How many grams are there in a tonne?


3) Where is Robin Hood believed to be buried?

West Yorkshire

4) How many grandchildren did the late Queen Elizabeth have?


5) Which character has made the third most appearances in Corrie, after Ken Barlow and Rita Sullivan?

Gail Platt
Audrey Roberts
Percy Sugden

6) Which streaming service has revived Neighbours, after it was axed in 2022?


7) Where would you find the external occipital protuberance on a human body?

Belly button
Back of the head

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8) Who’s the biggest selling girl group in UK music history?

Spice Girls
Little Mix

9) Which one of these footballers hasn’t scored over 50 goals for England?

Gary Lineker
Wayne Rooney
Harry Kane

10) How many sections is a dartboard divided into?


11) Where is the Lickey Hills park?

New York

12) Who was the UK’s third female PM?

Margaret Thatcher
Theresa May
Liz Truss

13) What job did an ‘arkwright’ do?

Carved wooden dolls
Wooden chest carpentry
Mended wooden barrels

14) Complete this famous singing trio: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, and…?

Maurice Gibb
Tony Gibb
Neville Gibb

15) Where is it officially the rainiest part of the UK?


Bradley Walsh was surprised on The Chase
Would your performance see you through to the Final Chase? (Credit: ITV)


1) Alexander Fleming

2) 1,000,000

3) West Yorkshire

4) 8

5) Gail Platt

6) Amazon

7) Back of the head

8) Spice Girls

9) Gary Lineker

10) 20

11) Birmingham

12) Liz Truss

13) Wooden chest carpentry

14) Maurice Gibb

15) Snowdonia

How did you score? Make sure you comment over on ED’s Facebook page and let everyone know how you did!

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