Nigel and Vito on Strictly (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

Strictly fans not happy with show ‘filler’ after Nigel’s exit

Vito Coppola talked a lot to fill the time!

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing have been left fuming following Nigel Harman‘s shock exit from the competition last night – claiming that the show resorted to far too much ‘filler’ to make up for his absence.

And, with the show suddenly without one of its dance routines, the BBC had about fifteen minutes of time to fill. Some fans felt that this time was then spent watching Vito Coppola ‘rambling’ after his own routine. Although many weren’t complaining about that!

Nigel and Katya on Strictly
Nigel and Katya have been forced to drop out of the show (Credit: BBC)

Nigel Harman in shock Strictly exit

This came after Nigel withdrew from the competition after injuring his ribs. In a statement on the show’s Instagram page, the BBC said:

“Unfortunately, Nigel Harman and Katya Jones have had to withdraw from the competition. We wish Nigel a speedy recovery and they both will be very much missed by our entire Strictly family.”

The show went ahead in spite of Nigel’s unexpected absence. However, some viewers felt that the episode resorted to ‘filler’ to make up for the missing routine.

Ellie and Vito talking on Strictly
Some have accused Vito of rambling to fill time (Credit: BBC)

Strictly fans complain of ‘filler’ following Nigel Harman exit

Writing on X as the episode aired, a number of fans complained about what they saw to be egregious ‘filler.’ Especially at the end when the cast of Fisherman’s Friends were brought on to sing before the leaderboard was revealed.

“Did the BBC just go grab some buskers to fill the gap?” joked one. “So to fill the space left by Nigel we have the local pub band from The Dog and Duck?” queried another. 

Someone else wrote: “There’s better ways to fill the time, guys. Dead air would be preferable.”

“I actually switched off Strictly this evening. I’ve never done that. It wasn’t Strictly, it was stage dancing… and far too much talking to fill a time gap left by the chap who’s left,” wrote one fan.

“There is no point Strictly being on TV tonight. Yes, last night because it was too late about Nigel pulling out, but if there is no elimination and no voting, it’s just a recap about last night with more talk than actual dance, just a waste of an hour!” said another, fearing that we may be in for more of the same tonight.

Fans love Vito!

However, there was one filler that fans did enjoy – Vito being given more air time!

“Filling the time that would’ve been used for Nigel’s dance was the Vito rambling…not the worst thing,” one said.

Another added: “Love when Vito goes on one of his ranty talks.”

“I love that they have so much time to fill that Vito is just being allowed to monologue,” laughed someone else.

A fourth said: “This series really has been so brilliant for Vito. He really is becoming a fan favourite.”

“When Vito starts to get overexcited and rambles on has to be the cutest thing in the world. Protect this angel at all costs!” begged one more. 

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Nigel and Katya Quickstep to It Don't Mean A Thing by Duke Ellington ✨ BBC Strictly 2023

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